A Jam-Packed Day of Music History

From Buddy Holly, to the Sex Pistols and Bob Dylan to the Smiths…

27th May is a day full of musical history, whether it be birthdays, releases, or just news stories which broke on this day in history.

1957 – Buddy Holly – That’ll Be The Day

On this day, in 1957, Buddy Holly and The Crickets released what is possibly their biggest single, ‘That’ll Be The Day’. It reached No.1 in the UK, and peaked at No.3 in the US. The song drew influence from the film, ‘The Searchers’, in which actor John Wayne was frequently heard using the catch-phrase, “That’ll be the day”. The song later became one of the first recorded by The Quarrymen, the band which later became The Beatles.

1963 – Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin 

Back in 1963, May 27th saw the release of Bob Dylan’s “The Freewheelin” album, this was the album which saw Dylan get worldwide recognition as one of the best singer/songwriters of the time. The album hit top spot in the UK, whilst managing to hit 22nd over in the US. The album established Dylan as a ‘spokesperson’ for the youth-oriented protest movements at the time.

1964 – Mick Jagger Haircuts

A bit of a weird one this, but back in 1964, eleven school boys were suspended in Coventry for having Mick Jagger styled haircuts.

1977 – Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen

Selling 200,000 copies, coming in at No.2 in the UK charts, on this day in 1977, ‘God Save The Queen’ was released by the Sex Pistols. Tv and radio refused to play it, high street shops and workers in pressing plants refused to handle a copy of it, yet it still managed to become one of the best selling selling singles in the UK. At the time, rumour had it that it was the biggest selling, but British Phonographic Industry conspired for it to not reach top spot (these rumours have never been confirmed, nor denied).

1983 – The Smiths – Hand In Glove

Back in 1983, Morrissey, Marr, Rourke and Joyce released their first single as The Smiths. “Hand In Glove” was re-recorded for this release, after Joe Moss paid £250 for the band to have a day session at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios.

1989 – Cliff Richard 

On this day in 1989, Cliff released his 100th single, “The Best Of Me”, which became his 26th, Top 3 UK single.

1990 – Stone Roses 

30 years ago today, 30,000 people headed for Spike Island to witness the Stone Roses perform. At the time, the gig was slated for poor sound and bad organisation, but is looked back on as a sort of Woodstock for that generation.

1994 – The Eagles

After 13 years apart, on this day in ’94, The Eagles reunited for a show in Burbank, California. The set was two-and-a-half-hours, finishing with two encores, the final song of which being ‘Desperado’

1997 – Liam Gallagher 

Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher was left a bit worse for wear after a fight in a hotel in East London. The band had been drinking at the bar of the Tower Thistle Hotel.

2008 – Paul McCartney 

McCartney was made an honorary doctorate in Music by Yale University in the US. A band played ‘Hey Jude’ as McCartney accepted the award on stage,. President of the university, Richard Levin said the former Beatle had; “awakened a generation, giving a fresh sound to rock and roll and to rhythm and blues”

2008 – Woolworths

Also on this day in 2008, Woolworths announced they would stop selling CD’s in their stores by August of the same year. They stated the reason for this as the format was in “terminal decline”. Sales had taken a big hit due to the rise of downloadable music from the internet.

2013 – Mobile Phones

A report on musicians being frustrated by the number of fans who spent time on their mobile phones at gigs was published. Artists such as Jack White and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, had posters at their gigs asking for fans to keep phones in the pockets. Jack White is currently using secure pouches at his gigs in order to keep the mobile phone usage out of the show.

2017 – The Allman Brothers.

Gregg Allman, founding member of the Allman Brothers, died at the age of 69 at his home in Georgia. Allman died from complications related to his liver cancer which he had suffered 5 years previous.