A sad day for music

It has been announced that the keyboardist for The Stranglers, Dave Greenfield, has died from coronavirus after being admitted to hospital with heart problems.

Greenfield penned what was The Stranglers biggest hit, ‘Golden Brown’.

The track reached number two in the UK Singles Chart in 1982. His iconic keyboard sound is what helped to shape the sound of The Stranglers, and was a heavily featured instrument in some of the biggest songs, such as ‘No More Heroes’, ‘Peaches’ and ‘Something Better Change’

Although Greenfield was not a founding member of the band, he joined around a year after the formation, and fellow band mate, Hugh Cornwell has said he was “The difference between The Stranglers and every other punk band.

He was with the band for 45 years, and passed away on Sunday, 3rd May.

The band had previously postponed their planned farewell tour, due to the pandemic.