Bears In Trees album titled and everybody else smiled back will be released 19 November 2021 via Counter Intuitive Records.

The albums lead single Great Heights is out today with an accompanying must-watch video.

Beginning in a South London basement, writing music hoping that someone would listen, in late 2014 Bears In Trees are vocalist and bassist Iain Gillespie, guitarist Nicholas Peters, drummer and producer George Berry and vocalist, ukulele and keyboardist Callum Litchfield. The band grew up as teenagers together on a diet of online fandom, mid 00’s emo-pop, and the golden age of One Direction.

Fresh from selling out their own debut headline UK tour dates in July 2021; including a 500 cap London show The band will be announcing further live plans over the coming months.


“Great Heights was written on a mattress on a hardwood floor at 4am after my friend’s birthday,” shares Peters. “It’s about those nights that don’t seem to end, where whatever bed you find (pavement/kitchen/outside of the train station waiting for the first train back to London) brings you the most comfort you’ve ever felt. It’s also about the fear that those nights are going to ruin you—you can’t make a bed that doesn’t have covers, and I don’t feel good if I don’t make my bed in the morning…”

The album is, as described by the band, as a concept album, and everybody else smiled back is a living story—it’s about walking through college house parties as the world is ending around you and then, the day after, the everlasting love you feel as the lights are fading in your energy-saving bulbs. The album deals with themes of first-time independence, sexual and emotional trauma, and picking your friends up in the aftermath. The best, and worst, day of your life always has a day after.

The album title is a paraphrased quote from the book The Secret History by Donna Tartt, in which a classics student at a liberal arts college in Vermont goes to a college party for the first time, takes MDMA, and says of the experience “I smiled at everyone and everyone smiled back”

Discover all the wonderful Bears In Trees fun and frolics (as well as information on tours and releases) can be found via their Facebook page and Twitter from where they tweet as @bears_in_trees.