The new song was written with Kamtin Mohager of The Chain Gang of 1974 and Marshall Gallagher of Teenage Wrist.

It’ll feature on the release of a deluxe version of their album, Hello, It’s You, out 15 September through Pure Noise Records.

The deluxe version of the critically acclaimed record features four additional songs. Speaking about the new song singer Dougie Cousins explains “Get The Need was one of those songs where it just felt like a rekindling with youth. The leafs, revolver my favourite Beatles record, old rinks. I just think about those days riding around the neighbourhood with my best friend. Oh also, it’s fuckin rock n roll.”


“Making these songs was sort of throwing it back to where we started.” shares Cousins. “All of us in a room recording music and having beers. Guitars, bass, drums and a bit of singing. Had to remind people we can still rock.”

Guitarist Ryan Fitz continues “Recording these songs was a really different process than any way we’ve ever created music for Bearings before. It was probably the most “DIY” recording process we’ve done in our professional career as a band. Everyone came down to where I live in Hamilton, and we self-recorded all songs in 5 days in a really nice (but small) studio I work out of here. This was the first time we had been together, even just as friends in a long time because of how many lockdown and stay at home orders we kept having in Ontario. I think it really shines through that we were having a fun time recording and arranging these songs and “Need” especially shows a more honest and dream rock sound that we’ve never really approached before. It felt really great to just be working on music together again”

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