Creeper has announced a new EP, American Noir, due for release 30 July 2021.

The EP boast an increadible eight track and the first single Midnight has already been made avaliable.

We paused everything, including breathing at one-point, last night (27 May 2021) when Creeper premiered their latest single, Midnight. The release is a punk-operatic fever dream fuelled by lust, emotion and that extraordinary theatrical flair we know and adore Crepper for.

Midnight is bombastic single luridly and gloriously celebrating its self-indulgent misery of lost love. It even boasts an Ian Miles guitar solo so beautifully wanton and out of its time – it transports you to another dashingly risqué era. If this is what Creeper created with one 3-minute 39-second track the EP is going to blow our minds.

Creeper are set to release the new EP American Noir on 30 July 2021 via Roadrunner Records. The EP represents an epilogue to the narrative told in their critically acclaimed, Top 5 album Sex, Death and The Infinite Void and is released almost a year to the day of the album’s first anniversary. American Noir is a requiem to the album’s central character Roe, which explores his partner Annabelle’s grief and desolation following his death.

“This new EP is comprised of material we’d written over the course of the last album.” explains the bands front man Will Gould “Lavish and tragic, it tells the story of the days following the death of our protagonist Roe. Beginning with ‘Midnight’ you’ll find Hannah and I experimenting with our voices together like never before.”

The interplay between Gould and Hannah Greenwood is more fully realised than ever before. Blending his velvet croon with her most prominent vocals to date, their duet really brings the story’s characters to life. The song is also brave enough to continue to up the stakes, rising from the introduction’s cinematic piano and culminating with the fiery intensity that the band have become renowned for.

Greenwood’s vocals also take centre-stage on the mournful gothic romance of Ghosts Over Calvary and the funeral march elegy of the closing ballad Damned and Doomed. Elsewhere, America At Night reprises Gould’s lyrical gift for crafting poetic pop culture references and amplifies the drama with stirring strings and a searing solo, traits which resonate even more theatrically within One Of Us. It also features three interludes: the tone-setting Midnight Militia, The Drowning Room. and the John Carpenter-esque Frozen Night.

Ahead of the EP’s release Creeper will play a set for the There Is Light series, which will stream exclusively on Twitch at 8pm BST (midday PDT / 3pm) on Sunday 25 July 2021. They will be just the second artist to feature on the platform’s new UK series. Creeper will then hit the Reading and Leeds Festivals in August, before embarking upon a major UK headline tour in December.

American Noir can be pre ordered now via THIS LINK. The release will avaliable on digital and physical formats. The standard vinyl is a single-sided screen-printed vinyl (replicating the style of their debut self-titled EP), which features the lightning bolt from the ‘Sex, Death and the Infinite Void’ cover. There are two limited edition vinyl variants which are available exclusively from Creeper’s official store, one featuring Roe and the other featuring Annabelle. The store also offers two limited edition cassettes, each with alternate artwork. A standard CD is also available.

For all the news and information on Creeper head to their official Facebook page, their official website or follow them on Twitter where the band tweets as @creepercultuk.