An Upbeat Electronic Indie Piece Of Brilliance

Released last Friday, the track is already popular with fans!

It’s released number seven for HUDSUN, and with each release, Sam Hudson and co just seem to get better. His tracks are always littered with funky beats, perfectly layered vocals and there’s always a few fun effects thrown in for good measure, and with the release of ‘Passenger’, things are no different. HUDSUN have taken what can only be classed as their signature sound and continuously developed on it, with something different, something new and something refreshing happening each time they release some new music, and all of that takes place without any major change around in their overall sound.

If you closed your eyes whilst listening to the new single, you can picture yourself dancing to it in a field, and it does make you question, why are a band who have such a great sound, and such a great presence on stage seem to not be putting on more live shows, or appearing at any of the festivals. Granted, there aren’t many opportunities at the moment, but we can only hope that as restrictions are easing, and life is just that little bit more normal every day, we will see much more of HUDSUN on the live circuit!

Alongside the fantastic music, there’s another certainty every time new music is released from this band, the artwork is incredible. This time round, it features some art that may be familiar to those who have followed Sam Hudson since his beginnings with Sly Antics. For those who don’t know, HUDSUN is the development of Sly Antics, after a bit of lineup reshuffle and a change in musical direction, Sam renamed the band, and with the fresh approach, his music is now standing out from the crowd and is some of the most creative music around the Manchester scene at the moment. We’re yet to see a music video for the new release, but we’re sure if it comes, it will be as eye catching and marvellous as the other videos which he has designed himself!

Keep an eye on the band on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel, you certainly won’t be disappointed! Access to all of their socials is available through this link.