Another Taste Of Their Upcoming Second Album.

This is their second single from their upcoming album, which will be out in September!

Lottery Winners today released the single ‘Favourite Flavour’, which will form part of their 2nd album when it is released on 24th September 2021. The album is called ‘Something To Leave The House For’ and will be released via Modern Sky. It can be pre-ordered via their website, and as always, we’re sure that the band will deliver a great batch of indie anthems, summery tunes and delight their fans like they did first time round.

The new single opens with a summery, punchy rhythm. As soon as it kicks in, you are dancing in your chair, picturing yourself at a festival, or one of their upcoming gigs, belting this out. It’s got everything a track needs to be a great song live, the chorus is catchy, you can’t help but dance to the beat, and the riff can easily be imitated by a crowd and I’m sure it will be. The atmosphere when this track gets a play live will be something that’d you’d have to see to believe, and it’s exactly what gig goers will need to hear after having over 12 months without any gigs.

Speaking about the creation of the track, front man Thom Rylance says; “It’s a fun song. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. My fiancé is a nurse, and one night I was writing a song in the garage and she came in and asked if she could help. I said yes, to humour her, and then she starts singing this amazing melody. I was fuming. She’s just good at everything.”

The video that the band have released to accompany the track is equally brilliant. It sees Rylance get covered in all sorts, from cake mixture to cream, and even some sprinkles and marshmallows to top it off. It’s bright and colourful, but it does leave you wondering, how he managed to keep a straight face and sing along to the track, whilst what I presume are the rest of the band slap him in the face with cake, pour cream over his head and chuck marshmallows at him. Check it out for yourself below!


Accompanying the new single, and the forthcoming release of their album, the band are set to embark on an extensive UK tour, which will see them call at O2 Ritz, Manchester, Liverpool Sound City, and The Leadmill in Sheffield. Their full tour schedule can be found on their website! Tickets are already on sale, so be quick because when fans hear this track, I’m sure dates will start selling out very quickly!  Of course, the band have already played a gig earlier this month, socially distanced at Manchester’s O2 Academy!