He Is Performing In Brixton Tonight

His Debut EP was released today, along with lead single ‘Sat On The Fence’

Mrley is 23 years old, and having already received huge praise from the likes of NME, BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang! has now released his debut EP, titled ‘Love You London’ which landed on streaming sites today. To celebrate the release, Mrley will be perfuming a concert tonight at Brixton’s Baddest Skateshop, and the best thing, tickets are free! This will be his first solo performance aside from supporting Wu-Lu last month.

On the EP Mrley said, “Love you London being out will always be symbolic to me as it marks a moment in my life where I took a risk completely unsure of the potential outcomes, losing a familiar identity and genre to show my true self to the world. It’s also a reminder not to get fixated on the fast lane and take time to find out what exactly you want to bring to the world.”

You can listen to the EP here, and believe me, you will want to. If I was to sum the EP, it’s the result of an extensive music taste, and someone who knows exactly what they want to create. Hints of Rage Against The Machine come head to head with a sprinkle of Beastie Boys and there’s some punk thrown in there too, all mixed together with the overall feel of a rap track, it creates a stunning and breathtaking sound.

Born and raised in Lewisham, Mrley aka Marley Rutherford was influenced by his parent’s CD collection, mainly his dad’s pile of rock and rap which included Nirvana’s Nevermind and a Guns ‘N Roses greatest hits compilation. Growing up as a teenager in a mostly black high school, he became a rapper as rock music was labelled as ‘music for white people’. Fast forward to lockdown, and Mrley spent the time discovering a new world of sound, spending days making music on guitar and keys that he taught himself, exploring the black roots of rock and skating the city his EP’s named for.

In line with the EP being released, he’s created his very own Rock’n’Hot Sauce. Made in collaboration with London based Bozzo Mcsqueezy this natural sauce contains habanero, mango, onion, garlic, gochujang and ginger, all handpicked by Mrley.