As much as the world has changed since Real Friends first emerged in 2010, the band’s mission hasn’t. They continue to write songs that make it okay to feel everything: the ups, the downs, and anything else in between.

Their latest EP continues that mantra, produced by Andrew Wade (Neck Deep), as well as Mike Green, who has co-written and produced on projects for Sum 41 and New Found Glory.

Real Friends new EP, Torn In Two, incorporates a recurring motif of the torn-ness and separation we have recently experienced in our everyday lives The band’s vocalist Cody Muraro elaborates: “I really liked how we were able to incorporate the Torn In Two theme throughout. The album artwork being people separated. The 5 main songs on one side and five alternates on the other. I think the past year has left a lot of us feeling torn, scrambling to reconnect with a sense of familiarity.”


Intended to showcase the band’s evolution into a new period of music, Torn In Two also carries the hope that Real Friends can use their music as a bridge to their listeners. To Real Friends fans, Muraro shares, “I feel music and these songs bring things back together for me. I hope these songs can make you feel connected in just the same way.”

During 2020, the band amicably parted ways with their original vocalist. They continued to look ahead, auditioning singers until Muraro came into the picture. “We all felt the conviction in his voice,” bassist Kyle Fasel continues. “That was what distinguished him the most. Emotion is a signature element of Real Friends. That came through right away, but he also brought some grit of his own.”

“We share influences and come from a very similar place where music is a massive part of our lives,” adds Muraro. “It was such a good fit, because of that. Everything clicked. When they called me, they were all on the line, so I thought, ‘Something’s going to happen’. They asked me to be the singer of the band. I took the job. A month later, I was down in L.A. recording music with them.”

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