‘Something Beautiful’ Is Available To Stream Now!

Tom has collaborated with rapper Masked Wolf for the new track

Tom Walker has returned with his first new track in more than two years, following on from his fantastic debut album, ‘What A Time To Be Alive’. His debut was released in March 2019, and the success of that ended up with Tom becoming the best selling UK signed artist of 2019. He has now returned with a new track, and has brought Australian rapper Masked Wolf into the mix for the new material.

It’s an unexpected yet welcome collaboration for the new track. At the heart of it, it’s still what you’d expect from Tom Walker, but it is a development and a step into developing his sound which fans are sure to love. Starting off with the soft acoustic guitar that his last album delivered in heaps, the track soon kicks up into something more punchy and elaborate. A trap beat kicks in, nothing to complicated, but enough to give the song a bit of extra beefy-ness. One thing which surprises me is how well the pair work together on vocals. Tom’s voice suits the genre perfectly, and it works both ways, as Masked Wolf has the ability to add different levels to what would possibly otherwise be your average Tom Walker acoustic track.

“I’d already been working on the song when I heard ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’ and we asked Masked Wolf if he would have a go.” explains Tom. “He sent back a verse after a few hours and it was exactly what the song needed. I’d been going round the houses on different verses, never landing the right thing, but as soon as we added Masked Wolf into the mix, the song just worked! It’s about being super grateful for what you do have. Finding ‘Something Beautiful’ in the dark times.”

Masked Wolf adds; “When I heard the song, I thought what in God’s name is this?! There was so much emotion, it gave me goosebumps – I had to jump on it straight away. I felt there was a connection with Tom’s lyrics because I love talking about emotions and topics that matter.”

Masked Wolf’s fame grew exponentially last year with the re-release of his track ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’. The song quickly accrued more than 75 million streams in under a month, eventually peaking at number four in Australia and reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100.

Tom, whose global streams have passed two billion, was the biggest selling UK signed artist of 2019 and is now working on new material. Expect a new album next year.