“Mon the Biff, Mon the Biff, Mon the Biff” was the chant from the crowd that Heralded Biffy Clyro onto the stage at a Packed Manchester Arena.

Originating in “Killie” as Kilmarnock is affectionately known, and possibly Scotland’s finest export. Biffy Clyro, have forged a relentless hard driven path to bring the Ellipsis tour to Manchester Arena.

Biffy Clyro Manchester Arena

The Mood was set by tonight’s support Band Based in Long Island NY, Brand New. Brought the right edge and visual diversity and hard edge rock to the fore, judging by the amount of crowd participation, this was a bonus to accompany tonight’s host.

With a brand of Indie Rock/post Hardcore Punk, their delivery was as powerful as it was impeccably delivered, “Sowing season”, “Degausser” and “Jesus”, are the stand out tracks from the set, one that will have undoubtedly gained them an army of new fans.

The Stage is set, and when I say set I mean set. Gigantic Square cubes adorn the stage from front to back, giving a three-dimensional feel to a vast stage, quite simply a backdrop designed to draw you in.

James Johnson Bass Guitar and Ben Johnson Drums come ready for action, already entering the stage bare chested. Simon Neil Lead Guitar, grabs his guitar wearing a long white shirt.

Straight out of the blocks and they hit us with “Wolves of winter”, there is no holding back, “Mon Biff” are in the house and it’s going to be loud, the stage lighting and visual backdrop is awesome, and pulses and explodes with every gear change Biffy instil.

The one thing that is for certain is that the band are not about theatrics on the stage, much like the Scottish weather is now, at this time of year its, gritty its harsh and its unrelenting, it’s a way of life, one that’s expected, but most of all its one that simply has to be embraced.

Neil leans into his mic and begins, “Come on baby do you think it’s good to feel Like I’m lying here swimming in memories”, the Arena is filled with a white blinding light and an explosion of sound much like a friendly arena atom bomb, “Living is a problem, as everything dies”. Let’s loose the mayhem in the arena.  “Sounds Like Balloons”, continues at pace, the power and the passion of Biffy is a trademark of the band, one built on roads many times travelled.

The intensity and attention to detail, structured by Biffy Clyro, is a bench mark for all those who follow, one thing for sure, these guys would walk bare foot for nights like these.

As I am ushered from the photo pit along with my fellow photographers, the strains of “Biblical”  is echoing from the arena, as we reach the exit doors and we are sent off into the cold night air, homeward bound, no opportunity, to review the remainder of the gig, which I know will have continued in the same way, with superb lighting and fantastic lyrics sang whole heartedly by band and audience alike.

One thing that was certain was that before that last note had been played I would have been home having a nice cup of Tea.

“Mon Biffy” Biffy Clyro, Manchester Arena

We rate:
4.5 rating