Well what a year for the Blossoms, selling out venues up and down the country, Two weeks at the top of the album charts already under their belts, its onwards and upwards for Stockport, s adopted Mancunians.

3,000 plus people have turned out and are in fine voice as the band take to the stage.

The opener “At most a kiss”, sees the band straight in action, quickly followed by “Cut me and I will bleed”,and the ever popular “Blow”.

Already showing a confidence and what seems to be a more relaxed approach that has definitely been honed on a succession of summer festivals, along with an ever growing support along the way.
It is often said that the crowd are the 12th man, something not lost on Lead singer Tom Ogden, who seems to be relishing the interaction and little chats with the crowd, a sign that the band are settling into the role of crowd pleasers.

“You pulled a Gun on me” , “Smashed pianos” along with “Getaway” and the excellent “Polka Dot”, keep the crowd going and totally in fine voice, at times the passion in the crowds voice is threatening to power out the Band.

“Honey sweet”, “Blown Rose” are driving the band forward into “Onto her bed”, there is a similarity in the hooks and the melodies, wafts of New order, strains of Pink Floyd, just a hint of the Arctic Monkeys, all combine to show how accomplished the band are evolving.

Tom Picks up his acoustic guitar for”My Favorite room”, that is dedicated to a boy on the front row who has been dumped by his girlfriend, luckily he had over 3,000 people on his side, to raise his spirits, we had people on shoulders there where guys with their shirts stripped off and the song was sang with a passion rarely found outside a football stadium.

“Texia” brings the pace right back up, without a doubt a new found synergie is flowing through the band, “Across the Moor” and “Deep grass”.

“Charlemagne”, is the last of what has been a triumphant homecoming, if any song sets out what defines the band it is this track, one that had the crowd lifting the roof off the Academy, one that had the band driving it straight on at the crowd, Manchester has been known for its love of music.

James, New Order, stone Roses, Happy Mondays and The Smiths, have all become cult heroes, only time will tell if the Blossoms will Join the List, one thing for certain is the band have laid down the foundations, to see them move forward and surely into the main arenas and festival main stages in the next few years.

The Blossoms are definitely in Bloom.