Die hard fans packed the o2 Ritz to witness what was possibly Manchester’s gig of the year so far…

It was always going to be an emotional farewell when The Enemy announced that this would be their final set of shows… and emotional it was!

The night was opened by none other than Manchester’s very own – The Tapestry. Now, any act out of this “band manufacturing city”, which is fronted by a guy called Liam, has a good to fair chance of success – then in true style you hear, and I quote “We’re The Tapestry, we’ve just come from work – because we’re c*nt’s…. like you!” well… it got my attention! It’s a pretty bold statement to make but if you have the tunes to back it up then it’s safe to say that you can pretty much get away with saying what you want… then low and behold the tunes most certainly came! Nicely judged young man!

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The bands facebook bio reads ‘They’re not about where they’re from (Manchester), or whether they’re working class or posh twats (but put it this way, none of them are called Orlando, Hugo, Felicity or Jemima), or their music industry contacts (they haven’t got any), or how long they’ve been together (“ages”)’  and in a nutshell – that sums the band up to a T.  A no nonsense 4 piece with quality tunes, and Liam’s moves which resemble those of Ian Curtis – what’s not to love? Katy on bass, Zara on drums and Dyna on guitar, these guys are one to go and see! Did anyone catch the stage dive?…. more on that later!