So here we go again. Another all Dayer. I attended Vol 2 last year however to be honest it was that was because of the Inspiral Carpets.

For those not in the know the mini-festival is spread over 3 venues, the largest being the Academy, and two smaller venues in the main students building, Academy 2 and the cellar based Club Academy.

Maybe it’s an age thing but most of today’s bands passed me by, so I’m interested to hear what’s on offer. First up we have Jack Adapter comprising ex-Family Cat man Paul “Fred” Frederick and multi-instrumentalist/studio whizz Christopher Cordoba. It’s a great opening performance and apparently a rare electric one at that. Great well thought out, laid back tunes. My fav is definitely “Get It Right First Time”

Next up are S*M*A*S*H. Notable for an anatomical song (I’ll let you Google that one), they play a tight set. However to be honest it’s really not my thing. I’m sure I’m in a minority due to the audience behind me enthusiastically jumping up and down. Oh and notable for the first beer thrown….thanks for that.

I caught the next band The Frank and Walters at the Shiiine party last year in London. I’m pretty sure they played a Kraftwerk track. Anyway here they are tonight sporting those trademark orange shirts. There are some faves of mine in this set, notably “Indie Love Song”, “Michael”, “Plenty Times” and “Plenty Times”. Very worthy of a headline spot.

Cud make a wonderful entrance with singer Carl Puttman sporting a rather fetching shirt. I must say it’s the first time that I have seen Cud live and they do not disappoint. His vocals on “Possession” are outstanding. Puttman puts his all into the performance, and even jokingly asks the audience if it sounding ok. I’ll say. “Neurotica” was my stand out track.

The Darling Buds take the stage next, however due to scheduled timings the other venues are starting to open so a large portion of the audience have gone to explore what’s on offer. It’s a pity as they deliver a great set. Vocalist Andrea Lewis has a great voice which somehow propels me make in time to the late 80’s/early90’s. No idea how I missed these the first time round. Actually that’s a lie but that’s another story. Standout tracks are “Things We Do for Love”,”It’s up to You” and “Hit The Ground.

Crowd pleasers House of Love take the stage next. Yet another band I have never seen live. In fact I’ve missed this band completely. To be honest I don’t really feel the vibe of the band. However it’s obvious that they still have a big following by the audience reaction. “Destroy the Heart”, “Shine On” and “Beatles and Stones “are the faves here.

And so after a long day it’s on to the headliners The Wonder Stuff. It’s actually hard to believe it’s been 30 years since they formed. To mark that anniversary they released “30 Goes Around The Sun” in March which is a pledgemusic funded album.  They open with ‘Intro’ and ‘Don’t You Ever’ from the latest album then launch into all the fan favorites. It’s a great performance with standout tracks such as “Here Comes Everyone”, “On the Ropes” plus many more. In fact, 30 years’ worth of material. However it’s that tune that gets the biggest reception. “Size of a Cow” will always win them over.

And that was it for me. Thanks to the Billy Seagrave and Head Honcho Jason Palmer who also attended. A great day out. Oh and the best chili hot dog I’ve tasted for a long time from the little trailer in the chill area. Thanks guys. Catch you next year.