Solid kick-ass performance from two bands that know what they’re doing.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking out Violmace on High Voltage, and guitar virtuos Nickie Jensen invited me to check out his other band, In The Fumes, in which he plays bass. But first, let’s talk about the support.

Stream City

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The support act plays Irish folk-punk-rock, ala Dropkick Murpheys, but mix in classic metal elements with a matter of course, that makes this strange mix an obvious success. Members are a mix of very different parts of Denmark, some from Copenhagen and some from the semi-remote island of Bornholm, but play together in a way that proves that they really really like to play! And what a pleasure to see.
The excellent violin play of Christian Lauritzen had him busy during the entire 45 minute set, and the raunchy and rusty voice of singer Dion L. Finne was certainly worthy of this genre. Equally impressive was the concentrated and very tight play of drummer Mikkel Furbo, who had presumably only performed with the band a few times (might have been his first time).
A solid and very deliberate set.

Stream City has a 12 track album out, their 2015 debut release “Hoax”, produced by the band’s own bass player Mattias Rasmussen (produced at Driftwood Studios), and have started work on their next release. A very interesting band that can start a party anywhere.

Stream City can be reached at:


In The Fumes

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This evening’s main act, has almost mythical status among the Copenhagen metropolitan rock crowd. Likewise, In The Fumes is a band that I have heard a lot about, but never had the chance to actually experience, so my expectations were high, as were the audience’s, as I could see on the comments on the social sites, in the days up to the gig.
The Copenhagen four-piece is a very new band that has only existed since 2015, but the sheer talent of the four musicians have already rocketed them to a place where other bands only dream of being. They have built up a buzz about themselves, primarily in northern Europe and America, and was awarded “Best New Music 2015” by the American magazine Shutter16.
They are a band that mix many different genres of rock (they mention ska-punk themselves, among others), but I think they hover around a more narrow fan of genres, and can be compared, sound wise, to a dark psychedelic mix of genuine Grunge and 90’s hard rock. Their punchy (and often political) messages about the established and use-once-and-throw-away culture, are delivered with a raw energy and a perfect mix of melodic swirls and high energy riffs, combined with singer Hoff’s reverb-enclosed exploding voice.

Entering the appropriately smoke-filled stage with matching green coveralls and vintage gas masks, the quartet looked like the evil twin of Slipknot, and kicked off their show with the energy filled “You Keep To Yourself”, a hard rock pedal to the metal tune.
After dropping their masks, this somewhat strange band graced the small club with a set of well chosen and balanced songs, ranging from a few ballads to high gear songs, that just begged for a bigger stage. Like last weekend, High Voltage was plagued by poor audience turnup, but ‘Fumes didn’t care about that. A solid performance from a band that knew what they were doing. A bright future indeed, and I’d like to see a full length album from these guys, and a larger stage, please!

In The Fumes can be reached at:
Official website





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