The countdown had begun. It was an hour before the show started and the line around the arena was beginning to wrap around the building.

Standing on the sidewalk outside the barrier was a street preacher with a megaphone pleading to the lost souls in line not to go into the area with the devil.

As the doors to the arena opened he asserted, “I have been where you are! You are on the Highway to Hell!”, to which the crowd cheered with an overwhelming response and filed into the open doors of the temporary hell.

Serving as the nexus of a major American tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Men and Mice, Slipknot suited up in their barbaric armor for a 17-song set at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Fans were at wild from the moment the curtain opened, but when Corey told everyone to make some noise and it thrust the crowd into hysterics. The pit barricades were rattling and security was on high alert. It was pure chaos both on and off the stage and the show had not even started.

Wearing a neck brace after a recent unplanned surgery for a broken neck, lead singer Corey Taylor took his crouched position front and center as the band opened with The Negative One. Corey looked as if he was holding back the instinct to whip his head as he growled out the lyrics.

If recovering from a broken neck isn’t reason enough to cancel a tour, I don’t know what is. The surgery had derailed the tour for 3 weeks but his focus was on the fans. “Don’t worry about me, let us worry about you!” he screamed.

The band went on to play Disasterpiece, Eyeless, and Pulse of the Maggots. The screaming crowd received a three song encore. They ended the night with Surfacing, Duality, Spit It Out. The savages executed their elaborate, over the top performance with their usual precision. And if Corey happened to slip on a few lyrics, I am sure everyone will give him a pass.

Opening for the night, Of Men & Mice, kicked the show off with Public Service Announcement. The crowd screamed as Austin Carlile crept on stage with a manic grin. The show continued with The Flood, Glass Hearts, and Never Giving Up. The band was rock solid as the played thru the night. Fans were treated to a new song from an upcoming album titled, Pain. They ended the night with The Depths.

At the end of the night, some people staggered out of the arena high on the euphoria that was given in doses of vibrations and visual overload. Fans escaped their night of hell beyond satisfied, exhausted, and hard of hearing.