Strawberry Slaughterhouse came out in the mid-90’s, when the grunge wave was at its highest. Cobain had just passed away, and Denmark saw the dawn of iconic bands like Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Psyked Up Janis, and Strawberry Slaughterhouse.

The Straws debuted with their 1994 album “Teenage Torturechamber” followed up by the 1997 release “Suck – And The Art of Surviving Suburbia” and because of how times were back then, everyone thought they were a grunge band.

However, as Strawberry proved tonight after 17 years apart, they made genuine solid rock songs, that hold up extremely well even today. And tonight they were certainly back – this reviewer was a massive fan back then. It was like being back in 8th. grade (yeah I’m gettin old). They’ve actually been back once before, recently on a “secret” gig under a pseudonym, at the same High Voltage club.

The place was high on anticipation, and most of the audience was at my age. I met the band backstage before the show, and they were as excited (and somewhat nervous) as the packed club. The band was only 3/4 complete, and they would use two different bassists throughout the show, one of them being the bassist from the band Taras.

We got the songs “Alternative Correctness”, “Masturbation Generation”, “King Of Cheapskating”, among others, and then the band announced that they would play “Teenage Torturechamber” in its entirety, but backwards.

So the small club went nuts – everyone knew the lyrics, and with hits like “Strawberries For Everybody”, “YeahYeahYeah” and “Cool, Calm and Collected” they had the club cooking in no time. There was stage diving, mosh pit and people went crazy. And as if to recognise the 17 years apart, they played no less than 17 songs – a long set for High Voltage, and people loved every but of it.

Strawberry Slaughterhouse may have been away for 17 years, but they’re back and better than ever. It’ll be exciting to see on which stages they will pop up, maybe a festival, and I’m personally hoping for a tour for the band.

Rating: 5/5

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Full Setlist:

  • Alternative Correctness
  • Anyone Can Be An American
  • Masturbation Generation
  • King Of Cheapskating
  • Darker The Come
  • Sustained
  • Beauty Of The Beast
  • Teenage Torturechamber
  • Trickle Me Down
  • Amused to Death
  • YeahYeahYeah
  • All The Brave Cowards
  • Short Spasms Of Happiness
  • Heroes
  • Strawberries For Everybody
  • Forever Dumb
  • Cool, Calm and Collected

Members: Karsten Dines Johansen Caspar Holbek Henrik 009dermeier