“Why am I doing this to myself?”, I mutter, as I crawl along the M56 willing my car to not run out of petrol before I hit Stockport Big Tesco.

Today has been a busy day and I find myself in a maelstrom of stress trying to get home to pick my daughter up and head to a gig.

As I “mature” I tend not to get my knickers in a twist over getting to gigs when the odds seem to be stacked against me. I was, however, determined to get to this one.
As we get in to Gorilla, Hidden Charms (from the big smoke) have just graced the stage, and are playing to a packed out venue.

They’re delivering some loud, bluesy, dirty, scuzzy, sexy rock n roll (I like them already). They’re a very watchable band, looking (and sounding) like they could slot nicely between Hendrix and Crosby, Stills et.al. at Woodstock. Although the vocals are often shared it’s hard not to focus on Vincent Davies, as he shimmies, shakes, minces and leaps all over the shop. These lads were born to perform, and they don’t disappoint.

The crowd at Gorilla are all suitably impressed, for many of us this being the first time we’ve caught them playing live. Hidden Charms have arrived in the North.

The Vryll Society are next to grace the stage, and are welcomed almost as if being welcomed home. At this juncture, most people in this city who love music have either seen them before or have them on their bucket list. From first seeing them just over a year ago at Night and Day, The Vryll Society have gone from strength to strength, picking up untold followers during a string of festival dates this summer. It’s great to see them now playing to a heaving Gorilla. Nobody is here by accident, they’ve come to see a band who are striking out on their own, bringing us something different, as we have all been pining for.

The band open with the attention-grabbing “Beautiful faces” and continue to transport us elsewhere with their intricate guitars, driving basslines and Michael Ellis’ often delicate, sometimes haunting, vocals. These young men are 100 percent all about the music…no swagger, no scally attitude, just pure music…and giving us the gift of what great music does best….taking us to another place.

Both The Vryll Society and Hidden Charms are signed to Deltasonic, the wonderful, independent record label based in Liverpool and headed by Ann Heston, who is also at the gig, enjoying seeing both bands flourish and grow into well established, respected and loved bands in this city. Having released music by some amazing bands such as The Coral, The Little Flames, The Zutons, The Dead 60’s and more.

Deltasonic took a major blow when they lost founder Alan Wills a little over two years ago. Alan’s partner Ann Heston did not give up on their dream though, and now the fruits of her labour are blossoming.

Deltasonic, people – a label that has always believed in and fought for brilliant, unique bands, and delivered them with love.

“Why am I doing this to myself?” I had uttered. “Because if you don’t go, you will cry for days, knowing in your heart that you missed an amazing gig filled with beautiful music, at a time when both bands are coming into their own. There is no better time to see a band. Don’t miss a single chance to be part of that”.

I can’t say this very often in everyday life, but….I was so right.