Acadian Driftwood launch their new E.P…… FIRST AMENDMENT

FOTF went to see Acadian Driftwood on Wednesday 15th November at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool and caught up with them before their their gig….

FOTF.. “So How did you come up with the name?”

Robert ..”Its a famous song by The Band ( for those of you of tender years, thats Bob Dylan’s backing group) , from Northern Lights, Southern Cross, and its about the expedition of the Acadians from Canada down to New Orleans and Louisiana and all that Cajun music. So thats kind of one of our influences and where we took it from.”

John ..” It was common ground, we fell on it because of influences as a collective, The Band seemed to be the obvious music we kind of gravitated to. When we were trying to choose a name for the band, we heard this and thought this is the one.”

FOTF.. “ So when did you get together ?”

Robert..” Me and John have been playing in a few things, but we put this together about a year ago and then we did an E.P. we self produced in a home studio, then Adam came in about 4 months ago..”

John..” The first one ( E.P. ) was called “Working Title”, which it was, we had people working with us but we were treating it more like a session job but not really wanting to commit as a band, but me and Rob felt a bit like “ Well, we can make a go of this “, so Adam was in a similar vein, he’d just come from a group that wasn’t really pulling in the same direction “

Adam .. “ I played in a couple of things, but being a bass player, you find you’re a journeyman, I released an album with my previous band Rain, and we were kind of on a hiatus at the moment so I have a lot more free time.”

FOTF..So tell us about the new E.P…

Robert.. “ Its called First Amendment, there’s 5 tracks on it and its our attempts of doing something somewhat unique, with all that kind of rootsy music. Its got Adams fretless on it, its a bit psychedelic but its also roots based. So we’re trying to kind of modernise that and make it relevant.”

Adam..” Well, Anders, the Norwegian producer we’re using, he has as much if not more of an input than any of us. He’s very vocal….( laughs )….which is cool because he reigns us in and he’s got a vision and he’s very blunt in the way he says stuff which is great. He keeps us in check and in line.”

John ..” I think that out of three of us when we get together to write music, we are all very opinionated people, so it helps make the music better in some ways.

Adam..” Its never been Noel and Liam style, with walking out and stuff, but we’ll always talk stuff out, we are fairly articulate in a way and if we have a point to make we’ll justify it. And none of us are too precious to say, “ you’re not listening to my view ” its about the music.

FOTF..”so whats in the future ?”

Robert..”well we have the E.P. release today, for people who come down early, then theres the online release December 1st and there’ll be a couple of videos with it. We are playing the Liverpool Philharmonic soon, for the Last Waltz, headlined by Seafoam Green which is a great event and thats it for this year.

FOTF..” So how do you find your music has been received by the locals, cos Liverpool has a high expectation of people ….”

Robert..” Yeah, tonight we were shocked cos we got bums on seats and the place filled…( laughs )..its like a snowball effect, were getting bigger and bigger turnouts the more people are starting to hear about us.”

Adam..” We had a single we put out earlier called “Rain Falling In” and its had a lot of radio play across a lot of places and people seem to like the track. I’d rather have a big organic fan base than pay 20 quid to buy the track online.”….cheers guys!


My thoughts after the concert?….well, what a revelation. The Band themselves would be happy with that performance. Tight, controlled and a real throwback to classic tracks. The crowd joined in too, worthy of any images of Woodstock you see, throwing themselves around in joyful abandon. If you keep the crowd this euphoric, you have done your job well. Im already looking forwards to their performance at the Philharmonic Hall, bigger stage, bigger venue, I think that will suit their sound just fine!

Arcadian Driftwood are..

Robert Johnson..Guitar/vocals

Adam Lewis..Bass

John Ellwand..Drums/vocals