Arcade Fire Entertain a sell out Gig at Castlefield Bowl

It had been six years since the last venture into Manchester, by tonight’s Canadian hosts, Arcade Fire.

Taking to the stage 30 minutes earlier than official stage times seemed to catch a few fans out, although by that time the Bowl was full.

The band where relaxed and at ease from the opening song, “Everything Goes”. Arcade Fires, Win Butler was in great form and seemed to revel with his interaction of a crowd who had come out to enjoy themselves. Butler standing on top of one of the stage speakers addressed the crowd, to thank fans for being “a fucking inspiration to the rest of the world” and for “not being scared” to attend the event after the recent terror attack.

“Rebellion”, “Here comes the night-time”, complete the opening section and gives the crowd the chance to hear the band’s latest offering, this was great fully and enthusiastically received by tonight’s crowd.

It’s clear that Arcade fire are a band built on craft, one that has a powerful message, what they are is passionate, there’s a passion about their music, around their performance, but more importantly as was plain to see, they have a real hunger and passion for the crowd, the fans who buy the music who turn up gig after gig.

Frontman Butler explains to the crowd “Without Manchester’s musical heritage, there would be no Arcade fire”.

Que “Afterlife”, that always is a crowd pleaser, but to intertwine, New Orders “Temptation” gave this track extra poignancy, one that pleased the crowd immensely.

Tonight, Arcade Fire are on a roll, the crowd loving the interaction with the band singing and dancing through each and every song, that the band deliver including the classics “Rebellion, “and “Reflector”.

Butler Beckons the crowd to light up their phones this they duly did on mass, all the stage lights now turned off it was the last song of the night “Neon Bible” Finishing with the blending of Joy Divisions “Love will tear us apart”.

There is no doubt that Arcade Fire felt at home, one that musically and spiritually made them feel a part of Manchester, as the crowds dispersed and they left what was probably one of the great gigs on the Manchester calendar for a while, Arcade Fire where made to feel as if there were adopted Mancs.

We rate:
5.0 rating