Blossoms come of age with what will become a pivotal moment in the bands career.

Tonight’s host have been on a journey, one that over the last few years seen them go from strength to strength, although the journey has been a long on, one that has seen them on a never-ending treadmill of live music. It’s a journey that has shaped them, no one can knock them for their work rate, I don’t think there are many artists that have had the schedule the Blossoms have had.

Blossoms have promised a few surprises for this evening, as the fans flock in from the gates opening, it looks like the support bands will be preforming to reasonable crowds.
First up TOUTS, hailing from Derry and fresh from playing the Deaf Institute the previous night. There’s no messing around with these guys, a definite powerful Punk vibe emanating from this 3 Piece band, they have a real presence and are not fazed by what is probably the biggest crowd they have played too. “Bomb Scare” and “Saturday Night” are songs that sum them up, whilst the ever so sharp “Scumbags” have the rapidly filling crowd bouncing about, not sure what the crowd thought of the excellent “Go Fuck Yourself”. Which brought me all the way back to The Undertones, not too bad an opening from a band who describe themselves as having a singer who can’t sing, A Mod who can’t play Bass and a drummer who is Blind, I will be keeping these guys on the radar for the future.
Rory Wynne, like the Blossoms has popped down from Stockport, for the second support slot, Wynne also played the Deaf Institute as joint headline slot with The Touts, last night, there is a confidence coming from Wynne, one that you get when someone is comfortable in their own company, Brave and assured Wynne covers the four songs from his latest offering “What would Rory Wynne do”. With his White T shirt Black skinny jeans, the obligatory Black Leather Jacket, Collar length blond hair and sun glasses, Wynne is every inch the Rock & Roll star, there’s enough about Wynne’s performance to suggest that there is enough quality both Lyrically and vocally to ensure we will be seeing a lot more from this emerging talent in the future.
The Coral are the main support for tonight, by this stage of the evening the Bowl is pretty much full, and the crowd are already in good voice, in-between support bands, the crowd are treated to Oasis, New Order, as The Coral take to the stage the atmosphere is buzzing, The Coral signed the Blossoms to their Skeleton Key label back in 2014. Something tonight’s crowd must be thankful for. From the outset, The Coral worked to make sure they were not here to make up the numbers. Frontman James Skelly, delivers a vocal display only a true front man can deliver, no showmanship, just a delivery that has you engaged from the off, Skelly will tell you that this is all about the band, and on another night, there is no doubt this could be the headline act. The crowd sing along with hit after hit, from the unmistakable Bass line of “Dreaming of you” to the sublime Guitar work of “in the morning”, the crowd are in their element, “Pass it on” and the wonderful “Jaqueline” are all included in a storming set, but for me when the band broke out and gave what I can only describe as a guitar masterclass, of Psychedelic funk driven indie riffs, the stage was set for our hosts.

8.000 people where suitably warmed up and are chomping at the bit for tonight’s host. Having supported the likes of James and The Charlatans at the bowl previously, it has been no surprise that they now take centre stage, their biggest headline show to date.
As the band come on stage to the strains of Kanye West’s “Black Skinheads”, even before they begin with “At most a Kiss”, the Air is filled with a rainbow of multi coloured smoke bombs, people on other people’s shoulders, The Blossoms are Home and they have brought the family.
One of the bands little surprises is a String Quartet who join them on many pieces to add a little depth and poignancy to the set. The band have remained steadfast in its connection with the fans, from the early days, to playing small local venues, building up a fan base, a fan base that responds to how supportive and open they remain to up and coming artists and venues alike.
For the crowd, this was hit after hit, each song delivered with a polished and professional persona, each word acknowledged and sang back with as much passion as football fans on a terrace lamenting there footballing heroes. Tom has developed into a confident frontman, covering the stage, like a cage fighter, waiting for the next bout, in this case next song, they are not afraid to mix it up, “My favourite room” ended with the band seamlessly drifting in to “Half the world away” and then into the wonderful Smiths “There’s a light that never goes out”.
“This is the Moment” the bands collaboration with Chase & Status, has all the hall marks of a band that’s not influenced by one gender. The Blossoms are in full flow, in front of a crowd that are as much in the moment as the band. Tom Promised the crowd that the next album was well on its way and they are looking forward to taking them on the road as soon as they can.
All the favourites are there, “Getaway”, “Blow” and “Across the moor”, are becoming classics in their own right, “You pulled a gun on me”, “Cut me and I will bleed”, keep a real flow to the evening. There was even time to add a little Beatles to “Deep Grass” which once again showed accomplished they have become as musicians, “Charlemagne” was the encore song of the night, dedicated to the 22 Manchester bombing victims, and once again Oasis “Whatever” and sympathetically accompanied by the string quartet, finished what had been a superb evening.
Certainly, no doubting that Blossoms have come a long way in a relatively short time, it has been done on hard work, that gives them a quality and a depth other bands crave. The crowd have left here tonight not only being part of one of those pivotal moments, one that defines a band, that moment when you say” I was there” the day the Blossoms came of age. The future is bright and we are about to see the Blossoms in full Bloom.

We rate:
5.0 rating