Over the past few years I’ve seen Blossoms many times, from the tiny Edgeley Labour Club “Bungalow” to headlining The Albert Hall and I was beginning to think it was time to move on until they started touring new material.

However when the chance to photograph them on tour in Poland came up I couldn’t resist, which is how I came to be at an Academy sized club in an industrial area of Warsaw to see my home town band.

On arrival there was already a fair sized queue outside but once inside we were directed upstairs to a smaller Academy 2 style venue indicating that Blossoms haven’t yet reached the heights of their UK popularity in Poland.Nevertheless there were three or four hundred fans pushed up against the stage, amongst them a lot of ex pat Brits and fans who’d come out for the weekend.

Support for the night came from Declan Mckenna who in 2015 won Glastonbury Festivals Emerging Talent Competition. His guitar based brit pop style songs hide some quite deep lyrics and he clearly had a following amongst the crowd with many joining in with the songs.

Blossoms strolled on stage at 9pm launching straight into At Must A Kiss followed by the outstanding Texia, a brooding atmospheric song perhaps hinting at bands direction in the future.

The band have been playing this set for a while now but there is no sign of any staleness or boredom and this is one of the best performances I’ve seen them play. Sometimes accused of being too radio friendly, its not Blossoms fault that these songs are instant classics which you feel you’ve known forever and get played all the time even on the radio in Poland.

Tonight virtually all the album is played with a few tracks from the Extended Tracks album and the quality and variety of the song writing is obvious , from Across The Moor with its funky almost LA feel to Polka Dot Blues, a B side many bands would have been happy to have anywhere in their repertoire.

Tom Ogden’s vocals are clear and assured and a haunting performance of My Favourite Room is sung to a hushed audience making the spine tingle. As always the band finish with Charlemagne and its a testament to the strength of the song writing that this popular single is not the strongest song played tonight.

As the final notes died away I really felt I’d just seen a band who are going to be massive in the next couple of years, an aura of greatness seemed to hang over them as they thanked the fans.

A great second album and some serious gigging in America should see Blossoms up there with the rock and roll heavy weights.

We rate:
5.0 rating