Leeds arena plays host to Aussie three-piece, DMA’s, as the band deliver their signature sound to a bouncing crowd…

Walking on stage in their true, laid back fashion, if you’ve not seen the DMA’s before it would easy to assume that their set would be just as laid back….

…. And, If you were watching the band for the first time you’d be forgiven for taking a step back as they erupt into their opening track. It then becomes blatantly obvious that they’re not the shy band their persona portrays.

DMA’s Leeds

With the arena filling with fans of the headlining band, The Kooks, the atmosphere which DMA’s produce with their clearly enthusiastic fans, who turned up early was exceptional. Having seen the band at venues such as Manchester Ritz at their headline show and now at an arena sized venue, it’s fair to say the band look equally comfortable on both stages.

It was nice to see new additions to the band this time in the form of new members. Tommy, Johnny and Mason still taking the lead however with the additional base and guitar, the bands live sound is definitely closer to that which you’d expect to hear from their recorded material. They certainly delivered a more fuller sound this evening.

Anyone that grew up in the 90s, who loved the bit-pop era will love the DMA’s. Tommy’s catchy vocal melody’s right down to the bands fashion. What you see is what you get with these guys and that’s great music, played well with an image to match. That said, it’s not just the 30 something’s who’ll appreciate this band, the younger gig goers are all over them too. It’s probably a happy coincidence, that the 90s fashion scene is doing the rounds again at the moment, for the band at least anyway.

Still touring their debut album ‘Hills End’ in addition to new tracks such as ‘Dawning’ I caught up with Tommy & Johnny about the production of the album who said:

Johnny: ‘Making the album in our bedroom we had the freedom to chop, mix and change anything we wanted in our own timeframe, Tommy felt more comfortable with vocals and I think we all did’

You’re always going to feel more comfortable in your own environment right?

Tommy: ‘yeah definitely, you can hear it in the vocals too. When I’m doing it at home, Johnny likes tickling my balls, making sure I’m getting the sweet tones, it’s why I like doing it in the bedroom’ (lots of laughter)

Johnny: ‘yeah I use like, a feather for the high notes and a brick for the heavy parts….. (too much laughter, over a beer)

It must be quite rewarding going from ball tickling in your bedroom to Glastonbury stages? (Laughter)

Tommy: you definitely don’t get your balls tickled at Glastonbury, that’s for sure. (Laughter)

As the band continue to support more established UK bands, I definitely prefer it when they’re playing their own shows.

Whilst some would say that the DMA’s sound is not totally original, they’re nailing what they do and who the hell cares anyway, right? No one has re-invented the wheel as yet and it’s come in many shapes and sizes over the years and if these boys keep doing what their doing, they don’t need to do anything different other than keep hitting the road like they are doing and reaching more fans. It’s a great time for a band like DMA’s to be in the UK at the moment, so go check them out.

We rate:
5.0 rating