The second night of the tour, and Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes came to make Birmingham wake the hell up.

With support coming from Australian tornado Ecca Vandal and the UK’s punk-rockers Basement, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes really made the night something to remember.


Ecca Vandal opened the night in a flurry of dynamic moves and electric tunes. A buoyant display across a limiting stage, there was no denying that Ecca Vandal was nothing short of impressive.



Gracing the stage next was emo-quintet Basement, who really made the stage their own. A whirlwind of movement and hard-hitting riffs, their loyal following made themselves known by jumping and shouting along.



The fans at this point had prepared themselves (or thought they had) for the chaos that was about to ensue. From not standing still for more than 2 seconds during the first couple of songs, to picking up a strobe light and jumping around with it, to then standing on the crowd, the first three songs set the standard for the rest of the night.

As the band began to play ‘Wild Flower’, Carter encouraged the women of the audience to crowd surf to the front, to which no one hesitated. Multiple females were seen in waves crossing the barrier, as Carter watched with a hefty grin. A moment where fans supported fans, whilst giving the security guards a run for their money (although a big shout out to the security guards during the night!).

A highlighting moment was definitely during ‘Real Life’, as Carter came back on to the crowd, walked over them only to climb up on the balcony, and end up performing half a song before jumping down back on to the crowd. Although probably a relatively fearful moment to those watching, the crowd below went absolutely mental. As he returned to the stage, Carter laughed and said “I really need to calm down!”, a statement which may never ring true at a Rattlesnakes show.

The unruliness of the evening settled down for a brief moment, as the band began to play a slowed down and very tame version of ‘Loss’. Carter explained that he had had a difficult year, and after certain events had happened, he felt more comfortable to play the song again. The song felt full of emotion, and this was added to the fact that every fan was singing along as well. Very quickly, however, the calmed vibe was abruptly finished as ‘Paradise’ rang out across the venue.

As the main set ended, the crowd took no time in roaring for more. The band instantly obliged and entered the stage for the encore, which consisted of ‘Devil Inside Me’, ‘Snake Eyes’, and of course the infamous ‘I Hate You’.

The evening proved that Frank Carter is unstoppable. From the sheer power of the vocals, to the energy provided by everyone involved, it is safe to say that Frank Carter’s tour definitely began with a bang, and the rest of the dates should be prepared for a high standard performance.