Hastings Fat Tuesday; the first festival event of the year for me and the one I look forward to with hope and anticipation watching bands be creative in their sound, playing unplugged.

Hastings Fat Tuesday has been running 9 years now and bands are queuing up to play on one of the days with this year being no different.

Spread over 16 venues across Hasting Old Town there are 200 performances as bands play 15 minutes before upping sticks and moving along to the next bar. As with 90% of the festival this event is free and sees a wide mixture of young and old music lovers revelling in the atmosphere.

This year I started in the Albion, which is one of the bars owned by one of the organisers Adam Daly. The bar is split into 2 areas Albion and Albion Sea Front and is used as a hub for acts and punters to pick up schedules. As always, the volunteers staffing the event are friendly and excited with a hint of being tired from the night before…aren’t we all J

I caught a bit of Buddha Triangle of which I didn’t know what line up this would be. Mehdi Silver on vocals/guitar played some treats which eased me into the vibe that was happening around me.

Off to Whistle Trago to see STDs, I heard they were catchy… actually named from Rufus Stone, Jim Tipler and Adam Daly. They formed 3 days ago and were just having some much-loved fun. The audience got behind them and even joined in with some songs.

Walking along George Street I bumped into Matilda Scoundrels who are big fans of Flick Of The Finger so it only seemed right to share a pint and check them out in The Anchor. To describe their sound, it wouldn’t be wrong to say Punk, Folk, Shanty, Scoundrels! Upbeat songs played on tin whistle, mandolin, banjo, accordion and guitar/bass/drum that sound right out of Hastings. I would put money on these guys making a name for themselves on the festival circuit.

I had to leave for fear of the floor collapsing with all the foot stomping from the band and punters and headed over to the Pumphouse in time to catch Anna Page who opened with a song about shopping and was cheered on by a young lad who was made up that she was his guitar teacher. That is the warming thing about Fat Tuesday in that its accessible to families and singletons.

Through the day, the Courir de Mardis Gras or Fat Tuesday Run participants were dancing around venues in their masks and capuchins with colourful costumes to match. It really felt like a surreal dream that someone was having with me as their main character.

Ingrid Pitt Orchestra were playing some easy listening music back at the Albion with strings and woodwind before ending the day with Matilda Scoundrels again on the main stage. Everything finished at 6pm but really felt like 10pm so coming home was an odd thing. Felt like I had jet lag!

Great day and looking forward to Saturdays free electric night of the same theme where bands play various bars. This year headlined by Dodgy who you can catch at

The London Trader 20:30
Albion 21:30
The Carlisle 23:00

For complete schedule and more info

My tips for Tuesday are;

Marie White 
Nova Twins 
Dorey the Wise 
Kid Kapichi 

See you there.