Another year, another killer Kerrang! Tour.

With a varied line-up, the tour hit Birmingham for its first date of the run, which involved Casey, Vukovi, Boston Manor, and The Amity Affliction.


Humbled and emotion-filled, Casey were the first to grace the stage. They did not need to move around the stage in an attempt to get their passion across, and it was clear that they already had a rather steady following of fans. With compelling riffs and forceful vocals, Casey were a solid start to what was to be a high-energy evening.

Vukovi entered the stage with a certain spirit about them, and as they powered in to their first song, front woman Janine Shilstone instantly showed both her talent and her personality. The band as a whole were lively and tireless, and although they only had a short amount of time, they really pushed themselves to wow the crowd.

Boston Manor, a band known for their bouncy live shows, were the third band of the evening.  There’s no denying as to how much stamina this band have, as there was not one moment where one band member was standing still. If the audience hadn’t already been woken up by the previous bands, they definitely had now. Boston Manor have never disappointed every time I’ve seen them, and this time they really blew it out of the water.

Everyone at this point was ready for the headliner, The Amity Affliction. As they entered the stage, we were ready for a dynamic and vigorous live show, and The Amity Affliction delivered. Exploding straight in to their first song of the night ‘I Bring The Weather With Me’, the band really were kicking off the first night of tour in style.

The Amity Affliction have always been a band that put on an amazing live show, and with their lyrics speaking to fans on a personal level, the whole set was filled with devotion and excitement. Crowd-surfers and pits galore, the band were most definitely encouraged to push themselves. Tracks such as ‘Chasing Ghosts’ and ‘Death’s Hand’ felt so intimate and exclusive, as fans were clambering over each other to scream their heart out to the band.

As the night went on, frontman Joel Birch commanded the stage with his presence and unclean vocals. There was always something to watch, whether it be bassist Ahren Stringer belting out the unclean vocals and bounding across the stage, guitarist Dan Brown laying down some impressive guitar patterns, or drummer Ryan Burt holding it down with the heavy beats. The set whizzed by in a fiery blur of love between the fans and the band.

The whole night was a rollercoaster. The variety of bands meant that the audience had something different to watch, and The Amity Affliction as headline slot was definitely a solid choice. The band had proved that their fans are still very much fiercely loyal, making even the venue filled with sweat. A chaotic and fun evening, this years Kerrang! Tour was very much an experience.