With the world in such disarray at the moment, it was great to be able to escape and Immerse myself totally in Music.

Lechlade Festival is more than just Music though, and encompasses other attractions too, It was promoted as a family friendly festival, and included Live Music, DJ’s an array of various stalls and plenty of attractions to keep the children happy.

With over 100 bands booked, the music available was diverse to say the least, so for sure, something for everyone.

It was spread across three stages, each providing music from midday until 11pm, Headliners appearing over the weekend include The Lambretta’s, Dr Feelgood and The Hoosiers. But we mustn’t discount other bands playing, I ventured across the stages to catch the following artist on Saturday.

Tight Grips

Tight Grips played the SAM FM stage, they hail from Croatia, and played a very tight set, that not only wowed the audience but set the pace for other bands to come, with their own brand of blues rock, that transcends borders, and whats more they were clearly enjoying playing and being at Lechlade.

Xander and the Keys

Xander and the Keys describe themselves as an Indie band and hail from Bournemeouth. I’d be inclined to say more towards the rockier end of Indie, the set was played with passion and most definitely enthusiasm. Not only have they made waves locally and nationally but have also played the HGF festival in Croatia, and its clear there’s a great link with Tight Grip. I gather both bands played a ‘warm up’ gig in Bornemouth prior to Lechlade.

Talk in Code

Reading based band Talk in Code are playing Lechlade for the first time and today are on the main stage, and brought their own style to the festival described by many as Anthemic Indie. The guys have featured on BBC introducing and brought their cheery music that helped brighten an overcast afternoon. Its certainly clear that Chris on vocals was enjoying his time here, and from the people that went to meet the band after the set at the merch’ stand, they have clearly made new fans along the way.

Nasty High 

An international band up next, well with a Japanese vocalist, a Spanish bass player, and Polish guitarist and drummer, you’d be excused for thinking that, although they are now based in Nottingham. They looked a typical 80’s rock band, very cliché’d appearance but don’t let that put you off at all, they played infectious rock, that grabbed your attention, having fun all the way 

Shoot the Duke ??

I hurried back over to the SAM stage to see a band called Shoot the Duke, we waited and then came the announcement they couldn’t be there, but fear not as members of Tight Grips, Xander and the Keys decided the show must go on, as they various members came on stage and jammed, they were having fun, and its clear the audience were lapping it up. I found it somewhat amusing that Krešimir of TG was using his phone to read lyrics, but it was, what it was, and it worked incredibly well, although the highlight of this set was a rock version of Richard Miles’ Children that won rapturous applause. The guys finished with their own take on Black Sabbaths Paranoid that nailed it. Full marks to these bands for providing entertainment, enjoying themselves and filling in a time slot so effectively.


Following on from this was never going to be easy, but Drogo took the stage at around 4pm. Drogo played strong rock music, as they describe ‘riff laden’. The band hail from Bristol and have been playing the southern circuit for a few years. The the band were on fire, with the three front guys in the band clearly enjoying the music they play it’d become very infectious.

The Roscoes Wild Child 

Wow, what an impact these two guys from California are making, they play blues, with incredible appetite. The two piece play original blues and when cajouled? Or was it cases of you want to hear this don’t you? It didn’t take much persuasion to play a favourite of theirs Chuck Berry’s Johnny b Goode, and it went down an absolute storm. They are happy playing not only their take on the blues, but maybe the odd cover version too. At one point guitarist Glynn is off the stage playing down in the photo pit to an audience that were simply loving it. The guys have been touring venues around the UK, and spoke to me briefly back stage after the set.

Sittin Pretty

Manchester area based band are due to play the main stage at 1735. Although the band has a track on the FOTF album, they are a new band to me. They played a great set and show many various influences in their style, each member of the band work together effectively to make a whole. Conor is a great front man, with a catching smile, it’s clear he enjoys fronting the band, and why not their raw sound blasts out from the speakers reverberating around the field. It was also a lovely gesture that he asked us to remember the recent disaster in Manchester as he read a poem that came straight from the heart. I caught up with the guys after their set for a brief chat, and will post this separately.


The 1850 slot, after two fine acts, and as a warm up to tonight’s headliners,  was never going to be easy, but this welsh four piece picked up the mantle and ran with it. Void have previously played the festival tonight they gave it their all playing hard melodic rock that was, and is still grabbing your interest, its raw rock that comes at you directly. They have toured recently with the Graham Bonnet band among others; they rocked tonight and set us up for the main act

The Lambretta’s

Maybe an odd choice, following on from so many indie and rock bands tonight, but the band took to the stage at 2140, and playied an interesting set. It featured their own hits, some new material for an EP they were actively promoting, and some songs from the 60’s mod era. Either way it set up the evening beautifully and you could say brought the roof down, metaphorically speaking, as of course we were out in the evening in a field in Gloucestershire. Doug Sanders on vocals was fired up and full of energy leading the band onto new heights.

A great first day, featuring up and coming bands as well as established acts in the beautiful setting of the banks of the River Thames in Lechlade, Gloucestershire

We rate:
5.0 rating