Tonight’s support is provided by the 5 piece all girl band “Pins”, Hailing from Manchester and formed in 2011, it has been said that “Pins are more Brooklyn rather than Manchester”.

There is a definite New York drawl and style that emanates from the band, more to do with the musical style of the band rather than a forced eclectic desire appeal to a wider audience. Pins are forging a pathway within the live music scene, they delivered an excellent set that no doubt will have won a few more followers along the way.

Maximo Park came to reminisce and perform their mercury prize-nominated album “A Certain Trigger” in full. Was it really 2005 when this album was originally released? Tonight, was the last leg of the UK whistle stop tour. Tonight’s gig was sold out weeks ago, which only goes to show that the current appetite for bands reforming bringing albums back on special anniversaries seems to be hitting the right buttons, with the paying public.

The set was in two halves, the first being a draw back to the singles, with” Velocity “ being the obvious crowd Pleaser, the band headed by front man Paul Smith was in top form, and as is his trademark, of leaping and climbing over anything that is stable.

For most of the crowd this was a chance to go back to an adolescence youth, to sing along and pay homage to a band who gave them their first taste of Indie-Rock, post punk revival.

The second half belonged to “A Certain Trigger”, an album that has more than enough in its depth to have the crowd constantly singing along. As the evening ended the crowd let the band sign off with one of the most heartfelt and warm receptions I have experiences at this wonderful venue.

Maximo Park will be back on the festival circuit later this year, and without doubt drawing in the crowds.