Metallica Manchester Arena Live

A thunderous night of music as Metallica continue their Worldwired tour

A night of tributes, screaming guitar and vocals to match.

After strong support from Kvelertak, the gods of Metal took to stage, accompanied by the cheer of hyped fans, and a sea of phone torches, with an almighty bang as they opened with new hit, and the album title track, ‘Hardwired… To Self Destruct’. From the moment they struck the first chord, the fans knew they were in for a night they would never forget. From the title track, the band powered into another stunning song from their newest release, ‘Atlas, Rise’, which, in years to come, will become a song ranked alongside their greats.

After two powerful openers, the crowd were prepared for the next 2 hours, which would consist of classics, from the band’s earlier albums, such as, ‘Metallica’ and ‘Master Of Puppets’, and rarely played songs, such as ‘Of Wolf And Man’, to new songs, which have brought the band a whole new load of fans. Songs such as ‘One’, ‘Enter Sandman’ and ‘Sad But True’ were to pound the fans ears.

However, it was their cover of an Oasis classic, that hit the fans hearts, as well as their ears. As images of the worker bee descended from the ceiling and the lights on fans phones raised as high as they could reach, Kirk and Rob played an instrumental version of the ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, that has sadly became so familiar with Manchester over the past few months, and the crowd, in true Mancunian spirit, did the rest. A moment which will stay in the hearts of Mancunian Metal fans for years to come.

A cover of Queen’s ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ also featured in the band’s set-list, however, nothing was as unexpected as the breakdown halfway through ‘Now That We’re Dead’, which saw each band member take to percussion, and play to their crowd of metal fans, an African-style conga part. However, things then went back to typical Metallica from this moment on, as they powered on, accompanied by 20,000 chanting fans, a swarm of digital moths, fire, cowboy films, mosh-pits, and lighters, (which came out in the encore, as the band slowed things down with the all-time fan favourite, ‘Nothing Else Matters’).

Just when you thought the night couldn’t get any better, James Hetfield called on the band’s, (not so) secret weapon, Kirk Hammet, to deliver what Kirk delivers best, a stream of mind-blowing, effortless, guitar riffs, forming an even more mind-blowing solo, as he was accompanied by fellow soloist, and bassist, Robert Trujillo, whose meaty bass riffs were that powerful they physically shook the t-shirts of the 21,000 fans.

The band ended a wonderful, and moving, night in Manchester with their last 6 songs, which were a mix of old and new fan favourites. Their set ended with; ‘Sad But True, One, Master Of Puppets, Spit Out The Bone, Nothing Else Matters, and Enter Sandman’ which made the crowd of metal fans call out for more as the band drew the extravaganza that was their one and only night in Manchester, and their first since 2009, to a close.

We rate:
5.0 rating