He’s back – Mulvey performs his newest album during a sold-out Amsterdam show

The British singer-songwriter blessed his Dutch audience with a heartfelt performance, new live band in tow.

Nick Mulvey’s voice is the musical equivalent to a hot bubble bath – totally soothing. Taking the stage at Amsterdam’s Paradiso Noord on a sunny Thursday evening, the singer-songwriter opens his sold-out show with ‘Remembering’. On his newest release – and current tour – Mulvey’s buttersoft voice is joined by the angelic vocals of his friends Fifi Dewey and Federico Bruno, creating beautiful three-part harmonies.

Just how badly his Dutch fan base has been waiting for a Nick Mulvey live show quickly becomes apparent when the singer asks the crowd to join him for the first few lines of ‘Meet Me there’ from his debut album ‘First Mind’. The audience sings along wholeheartedly until the very last line, when Mulvey finishes off the track with a big smile, visibly humbled by his fans’ enthusiasm.

This is a theme that continues throughout the gig – Mulvey, armed with an acoustic guitar and backed by his bandmates – repeatedly asks the audience to get involved, and oh how it does. During ‘Cucurucu’ Mulvey abandons the melody and, while his fans continue on for him, begins an improvisation that sets a truly magical mood.

On his new single ‘Unconditional’, Mulvey softly croons “It was right here all along / What you’re looking for is never gone”. From his new album, he also performs ‘Mountain To Move’’, explaining that the latest release is a creative collaboration between him and his friends, with whom he has been touring for the past months. Apart from that, there’s little background info to his newest tracks. Instead, Mulvey chooses to let the music speak for itself.

He’s also not afraid to get political, performing ‘We Are Never Apart’, which he wrote in reaction to the Standing Rock protests, and ‘Myela’ – a heartbreakingly beautiful song that was inspired by the refugee experience and produced in partnership with Help Refugees UK.

God only knows the pain you feel to leave your country looking for a home / But they’d rather die once in the sea than dying everyday a little more”, Mulvey laments, before rallying up the crowd with an energetic “I am your neighbor, you are my neighbor”. This is not just entertainment, it’s also a wake-up call to care and show compassion. 

After a booming applause, Nick Mulvey returns to the stage and whispers “Thank you for always supporting my music”, before softly strumming his guitar for ‘Fever To The Form’. The entire room falls silent as Mulvey pours his heart and soul into the very last song of the night – a momentous ending to a truly magical evening.

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