The roads may have been like an ice-rink outside, but that didn’t put Swedish alt-rockers Normandie or their fans off from creating a fun-filled, electric night.

With support from Grumble Bee and William Ryan Key, Normandie came to prove that no matter the conditions outside, everyone was there for a good time.

Opening the evening was Grumble Bee, a solo alternative artist from the UK. Braced with an acoustic guitar, Grumble Bee’s set was full of passion for his music, and it was clear that he had a few fans already within the audience. Even as just an acoustic act for the evening, Grumble Bee’s energy really shone through, and his humbleness and modesty really adds to his authenticity.

Next up was William Ryan Key, the lead vocalist of former pop-punk band Yellowcard. Key’s set was an interesting one, as he stated that he had not yet recorded any of his own material as a solo artist, which then lead to him playing old Yellowcard songs in a new style he was hoping to take on in his solo work. His set was filled with stories from Yellowcard days and more recent events (such as playing at the Chester Bennington memorial concert), and he had the majority of the audience hooked. It will be exciting to see where he takes his solo career next.

Normandie came out to a cheering crowd. Taking no time at all to power in to their first song of the evening, it was clear that the audience were in for a treat. Normandie were no strangers to a stage, as they jumped around and interacted with their fans.

The room had truly warmed up at this point, as both the fans and band were immersed within the set. Normandie showed no signs of slowing down or giving the audience a break, as they played through a dynamic set. There was never a dull moment watching Normandie, whether it be listening to them talk about being track of the week on Radio 1’s Rock Show a little while back, or watching their intense stage presence.

As the main set concluded, the crowd instantly began cheering for more. The bad weather had definitely not stopped any of Normandies loyal fans from trekking out in the cold, and this was proved by the amount of admiration as the band came out for the encore.

Normandie put on an incredible live show considering the size of the stage. A band to really watch out for, the evening ended on a high note.