As It Is are a band well known for their energetic live shows.

Therefore, it was only reasonable that they tour with the ever-eccentric State Champs.

With the release of their second full length album ‘okay.’ that graced the shelves in January this year, As It Is came out to prove to fans that their energy had no wavered, and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The band took to the stage, as fans had eagerly anticipated this tour for a while now. There was no denial that As It Is had the audience hooked from the very first song ‘Okay.’, with front man Patty Walters bounding across the stage. Creating a new type of energy from previous band ‘Northbound’, As It Is warmed the audience up just that little bit more.

Although potentially seen as ‘generic’ by those who don’t listen, As It Is truly made a stand whilst supporting State Champs, putting on a show of their own. Even the most stubborn of pop-punk fans had their head bouncing in time, and the powerful vibes bounced across every wall within the large room.

Even with the new album that had given As It Is a whole new look, that did not stop them from balancing the set-list between older songs and the new. With Walters continuing to hype up the crowd, the rest of the band also showed infinite energy, coming together to creating something spectacular.

Finishing the set with the recognized ‘Dial Tones’, As It Is successfully finished their enticing set, with the crowd eager for more. As It Is are slowly making their way up the pop-punk ladder, and we can expect bigger things from these guys.

A support for State Champs was a perfect opportunity for As It Is to really show their true colours, and gain some more fans in the process.

We rate:
3.5 rating