Brighton pop-punkers As It Is hit the o2 Institute, Birmingham as part of their EU ‘Okay.’ Tour.

With Grayscale, Like Pacific, and WSTR opening up as supports, the night was truly destined to be full of crowd-surfers and push pits galore.

Grayscale, hailing from Philadelphia, took to the stage first. Taking absolutely no time at all to get the audience off their feet, Grayscale proved to the room that they were not to be messed with. To add to their triumphant set, they even bought out Patty Walters from As It Is, making the crowd go absolutely mental.

Up next were Canadian band Like Pacific, who successfully continued the hype of the evening. With their bouncy riffs and contagious energy, Like Pacific are definitely a band to watch out for.

Liverpool’s own Wstr were up next, and they already had a large following in the crowd. They played a varied mixture of stuff from their old EP and their newer album, and definitely had the crowd moving and crowd-surfing. A solid support for the evening.

As the supports finished, it was time for As It Is. A back drop reminiscent of the bands most recent album ‘okay’, with two cut out figures resembling the pin-up woman on the front of the album and a figure in a gas mask on the sides of the stage. It was clear that even a year after its release, As It Is were still very proud of their most recent release. One by one, the members of the band came on stage, and jumped straight in to ‘Hey Rachel’.

One thing that As It Is have been known for is the amount of energy they put in to every show, and this definitely shone through. The members never wavered, especially guitarist Ben Langford-Biss, who made the most of the space on the stage. And it wasn’t just the band who had countless amount of energy – their fans also proved that they could live up to the expectations as crowd-surfers made their way over the barrier, in which front man Patty Walters attempted to interact with all of them.

Treating the crowd to a variety of songs from both albums throughout the set, As It Is powered through tracks such as “Cheap Shots and Setbacks”, “Soap”, and “Winters Weather”. However, in the middle of all the chaos, the band slowed it down for a few moments, as Walters bought out an acoustic guitar to play track “Curtains Close”. Fans proved they were still as loyal as ever though, as they sang along to every word. But that wasn’t all that the band had in store for them, as they played “Often” off of their 2013 EP Blenheim Place, and “Bitter, Broken Me” off their 2014 EP This Mind of Mine, which sent the crowd in to a fit of frenzy.

It was time for the main set to come to a close, as Walters explained to the crowd that even though they knew what was going on, they still had to go off stage. As the band left, the crowd took no time pleading for more, which the band obliged too. Finishing off the evening with “Okay” and “Dial Tones”, it was time for the night to end.

As It Is really proved how tight they were as a band, and put on a show full of high-energy in a packed out room. And as Walters had explained to the crowd that they had finished recording their third album, hopefully big things are to come for As It Is.