As their UK tour begins to wind down, Arcane Roots hit Birmingham’s o2 Institute2 – bringing their mixed range of melodic harmonies and alternative riffs with them.

Supports from the evening came from The Hyena Kill and Grumble Bee (full band), an almost perfect mix of what was to be expected from the evening.

The Hyena Kill opened the night, and the two piece instantly blew the audience away with their heavy, distorted guitar and chaotic presence. They did not slow down once during their short and turbulent set, making for an exhilarating start to the evening.

Up next was the ever-talented Grumble Bee, but this time around as a full band. With Jack Bennet providing his mesmerising live vocals and guitar, bassist Zach Phelps took no time at all warming to the stage, taking every bit of space to his advantage. The trio powered through their tight set, with Bennett humbly thanking the audience on multiple occasions for checking them out. Grumble Bee, whether as a solo act or full band, is a treat to watch every time.

Finally, it was time for the main event, Arcane Roots. As the clicks of the intro to “Off the Floor” began to fill the room over the PA system, eager fans waited patiently, as Andrew Groves, Adam Burton and Jack Wrench respectively entered the stage. The crowd welcomed the band with open arms, as supportive cheers filled the venue.

It was clear that this was a night for hard-core fans of the band, as Arcane Roots mixed a combination of songs from the newer album alongside the older ones. After a slower start, the band found their feet and performed effortlessly through tracks such as “Landslide”, “Indigo” and “Curtains”.  Arcane Roots bring together a medley of raw, melodic vocals alongside the powerful screams and hefty guitar riffs, creating something more unique within their performance.

Arcane Roots successfully put on a performance that was not only easy to enjoy, but also let the audience take a moment to truly get lost in the music.