Average Sex ain’t your average band

As part of the ShadowParty show in Stoke Newington (that review will follow this one), London based indie rockers, Average Sex, were picked to get the festivities started. And they most certainly did. 

The band, comprising of lead singer, and Gaelic charmer, Laetitia Bocquet, guitarists Sam O’Donovan and Louise Earwaker, bassist Jamie Graeme and drummer Finnigan Kidd, start off their high energy set with Hey Boy. A proper guitar pop song, with Bocquet’s voice wooing the audience and the birds off the trees probably. The 3 minute song ideal used by so many bands, The Ramones for example, is the perfect route for Average Sex as they then blast into their second number, Sociopath. Don’t let the title fool you either, as this hails back to the Britpop era and when bands like Lush, Elastica and Echobelly were around. This song, and band, would’ve fitted in nicely.

Come Over is the next song on an already rapid set list, and Laetitia does confirm what everyone is thinking about the title, and it’s another instant, and charming, hit. U Suck follows that, and goes completely in the teenage angst route, with Laetitia going on the offence of having someone cheat and then being dumped on his sorry ass. An absolute treat of a song.

Fancy some Ice Cream? The halfway point of the set is met with this song, and the influence of The Ramones is clear to see and hear with this one. A wonderful pop punk number, a reminder of why the 3 minute song will never die. Melodie follows that in quick succession, and keeps with the simplicity of making a neat indie pop song. The wonderful emphasis of the French accent in Laetitia’s vocals makes it more delicious to listen to.

As it does with the next number, Ne Moubile Pas. A semi-slow start, with both guitarists giving it some loudness, right up to the very up tempo chorus. An Anglo-French one at that too. Ugly Strangers follows that, and goes back to the Britpop sound, with the line of, “Lets go out tonight, lets be happy”, certainly making the folk who have followed those instructions feel the sentiment too.

Penultimate number is, We’re Done. And again it’s a song that’s self explanatory, especially with an opening line of, “I hate you in the morning, I love you in the evening”. It ain’t gonna end well for the poor subject of this number, but doesn’t sound like a great loss anyway. And the wonderful set closes with Please Don’t Wait. Another pop-punk number which brings the curtain down on a 10 song joy of an opening act.

Average Sex have only been around since 2016, but have caught the eye of Tim Burgess of The Charlatans. So much so that he signed them to his label. And you can see why he did. Pop-punk, indie rock and Britpop all rolled into one. If you like your music sassy, better get yourself some Average Sex.



We rate:
5.0 rating