Eight years has gone since Deftones ravaged the first ever Copenhell, now it was time for another round.

Deftones are well known for an experimental approach to metal, well composed songs and high intensity shows.

The expectations were sky high, and as expected Deftones delivered an overwhelming and breath taking performance leaving the crowd wanting more. The band played an intense full 90 minutes show with only a few song surprises and beer pauses. The set was full of history and it was an emotional rollercoaster.

Songs like “Headup”, “My Own Summer (Shove It)”, “Around the Fur”, were all performed with same intensity, as when i first saw them at Roskilde Festival in 2001. Front man Chino Moreno has the same intensity, nerve and an even better vocal, then he had back in 2001.

Hitting high notes with ease and still able to promote chilling screams. Sergio Vega, the groups bassist has proved his worth a long time ago and fits right in. Vega, a long time friend of the band, took the hard job as the new bass player, after the tragic death of late Chi Cheng, who died in 2013.

Heavy hitters like “Digital Bath”, from their ground breaking “white pony” album, was driven by the signature layed back playing style of Abe Cunningham. Cunninghams drum sound and Stephen Carpenter massive sounding wall of guitar shoke the foundation of the old concrete coated shipyard. You could really feel the climatic intensity, when 10.000 fans were singing along to an intoxicating version of “Change (In the House of
Flies)”. My personal favorite Deftones song “Rosemary” made the setlist. It made a huge impact and i had an emotional moment standing beside thousands of others, who i could see were as touched as i was. I really love how music and only music can do this to you.

A few older songs like “Nosebleed”and “7 Words” made the encore list and almost blew the lit off the audience. The band seems more fit then ever. They proved their worth and cemented the importance and relevance of their existence in todays music, with a superior performance here on Copenhell. Deftones are like a fine wine, that keeps on getting more and more sofisticated with age. Take a look at the extraordinary evolution of the band from the raw and raunchy 1995 album “Adrenaline” to the latest more delicate yet heavy release “Gore” (2016). Alot of live acts loose their sparkle over time, but Deftones just seems to keep up a momentum and keeps on making music that captivates. Deftones keeps on evolving, and sparkling.

Deftones formed in 1988 in Sacramento California.
The band has released 8 studio albums so far.

– Headup
– My Own Summer (Shove It)
– Around the Fur
– Swerve City
– Elite
– Digital Bath
– Knife Party
– Rosemary
– Kimdracula
– Battle-Axe
– Diamond Eyes
– Change (In the House of Flies)
– You’ve Seen the Butcher
– Rocket Skates

– Nosebleed
– 7 Words