After receiving rave reviews from their newest album Technology, Don Broco hit Birmingham’s o2 Academy to show fans that they can put as much power in to these songs live as they could on the record.

With support coming from Yonaka and Man with a Mission, it was clear that we were in for a fun-filled, exhilarating evening.

Yonaka, hailing from Brighton, were the first band of the evening. Taking on the stage with hard-hitting riffs and contagious energy, fans who had come down early were in for a treat. Their stage presence made them almost mesmerising, and they definitely gathered a few new fans after their set.

Man with a Mission came on next, and I think I shared the same reaction to half of the crowd when the group walked on with large wolf heads on. If you had not researched the band prior to the evening, it would definitely make for a strange experience as this group began to bounce around the stage. The set could have gone in any direction, but ended up being a fun pop-rock show, with everyone in the room seeming to have a good time. Though the highlight that got everyone off their feet was their take on Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, which kept the all too familiar chorus. If the crowd weren’t already warmed up for Don Broco, they certainly were now.

The room was filled with an exciting buzz, and as the lights dimmed, Don Broco’s fans absolutely lost it. As the intro to ‘Pretty’ began to blast through the speakers, it was instantly obvious that Don Broco were about to put on one hell of a show. Within moments, a large mosh-pit had opened up as requested by front man Rob Damiani, and the night had truly begun.

It has never been any secret that Don Broco fans are fiercely rowdy, and this was proven when the band played hits such as ‘Fire’, ‘You Wanna Know’, and ‘Technology’. The band made every effort to combine songs from previous albums on to the setlist, satisfying both hardcore older fans, and the newer fans. Although the room was large, that didn’t stop it from becoming a very sweaty show. Not one person was standing still, and each band member were protruding endless amounts of stamina.

‘Thug Workout’ was definitely the biggest highlight of the set, as Damiani prepared everyone for what was about to go down. Even though the song was created in 2008, each person in the crowd knew the words and were having the time of their life. It just goes to show that no matter how old their songs, Don Broco still have what it takes to make an old song still very popular.

The night began to wrap up, with the band ending the main set with ‘Money Power Fame’. But of course, they couldn’t let the eager crowd down who were begging for more. Coming back on to complete the encore, Don Broco came back to prove that they definitely have more to show us in the future.