On the penultimate night of the tour all three bands are rocking Birmingham.

The co-headline tour featuring Federal Charm and The Bad Flowers has taken in eleven venues around the country.

Opening for both bands is a ‘new to me’ band, Those Damn Crows, fronted by Shane Greenhall who is determined to rock Birmingham, their short set, unfortunately, kicked off with Don’t Give A Damn. Their brand of rock is incredibly infectious, and definetly one to look out for in the future. All too soon they finished ending their set with the excellent Rock n’ Roll Aint Dead. These guys have an album out this week Murder And The Motive.

Next tonight is Federal Charm. The last time I saw the guys, they were supporting UFO, It was their first gig with the new lineup, and I wasn’t sure, I felt there was something missing, Speaking with Guitarist Paul Bowe he told me they were planning in bringing in another guitarist and for subsequent appearances since Mark Davies and Kyle Ross have alternated, providing additional guitars. Both have been an excellent addition. The band are back on form, and reinvigorated after their recent album release, Passenger.

Tom Guyer writhes and sways as he sings, though at times it looks likes he’s hanging on to his mic stand. Paul goes in for those guitar duels with Kyle, while bassist LD Morawaski pumps out his trademark bass lines and works incredibly well with recent addition to the line up drummer Josh Zahler. The sum of parts makes a fantastic whole, the direction has changed a little, but is more of an evolution towards the new Federal Charm.

Tonights set opens with Swing Sinner the recent single release, and sets the bar for the rest of the evening, Most of Passengers tracks are included in the set but there are others too, a reworked version of Silhouette for example and Gotta Give it up, that had previously been the last and first song in previous sets, its this that sees the guys sign off in style.

Headlining tonight are local boys, The Bad Flowers. The band has been creating a name from themselves having played several festivals and a tour to promote their recent album Starting Gun. As the lights dim for their intro music they launch into Hurricane, its a song that really grabs you from the outset and pulls you in. Despite them being a three piece, Tom Leighton on vocals, Karl Selickis on drums and Dale Tonks their sound is huge, they’ve been described several times as a power trio and they certainly are. As Karl was quoted ‘Birmingham you blew the roof off last night’. I’d tend to agree with that, they are playing to a huge audience and their music is incredibly well received.

Last night of the tour takes in the Borderline Sunday September 30th. Three very happening bands at the moment, if you like Rock and like to catch up and coming bands then this has been a great tour to promote those bands.