Glenn Hughes brings 70’s style and classic Deep Purple to Leeds

Leeds university have some very special guests in the building on this mild October night.

The legend that is Glenn Hughes has brought his tour to this northern city. Best known for being a part of heavyweight band Deep Purple and a brief stint in Black Sabbath, he also took off on his own solo career. But tonight it’s his Classic Deep Purple live tour that he’s brought to this packed out venue

Opening the night is Laurence Jones and his band. The blues singer and guitarist sets the tone with his style of blues and funk rock. The crowd take to him easily enjoying his sound and his enthralling performance. Jones commands the stage with his presence and outstanding guitar skills. Moving around the space and captivating the eyes he knows how to put on a performance. He brings back those old-school blues sounds with an updated twist.

He keeps the style of those great funk sounds which seems to please the crowd greatly. He throws in a couple of cover tracks to excite the audience with “All Along The Watchtower” and “Fortunate Son” which give a clear insight into his influences. Once his time on stage is up part of the crowd made its way to the merch desk so he has clearly made a few new fans tonight.

As the lights go down ready for Hughes to hit the stage the crowd share their excitement ready to see the man and his band hit the stage. Coming into the stage to a medley of radio clips and songs, the guys took their places. With a greeting to the crowd, they then headed straight into “Stormbringer” with Hughes showing he is still a performer at heart. Straight from the word go, he is showing to the world he still has the vocal ability to hit those high notes while being a stand out bass player. Against the psychedelic backdrop, he looks perfectly at home on the stage tonight dressed like a rock star.

In a heartfelt moment, Hughes paid tribute to Tommy Bolin prior to playing “Getting Tighter” which they co-wrote together. The crowd really got behind this track as they clapped and moved along with the music. Hughes continued to command with his presence and showmanship. As he moved with his bass he showed off he’s still got those killer moves.

However, this was not a one-man show as he allowed the other members of the band to stand alone not only during the guitar and keyboard solos but also while he played alongside them. Moving around the members of his band he spent time interacting with each member to bring them forward as his band. That’s not to say that Hughes didn’t enjoy the attention while playing his own solos as he seemed to revel in the attention and take sheer joy from these moments.

The night had more touching moments as Hughes took more time to speak to the crowd as he thanked the crowd and more specifically those who came out to see him earlier in the year. He wanted to thank those who came for giving him the courage to take the stage just hours after his mother had passed away. A man with this much passion can be a rarity as it takes a special kind of person to continue to perform despite such heartache in his personal life.

Hughes continued the night playing those big Deep Purple hits such as “You Fool No One”and “Mistreated”. But no set would be complete without the classic “Smoke On The Water”. The crowd reacted as expected with excitement and joy but this was not the end of the night

As Hughes and his band came back for an encore with “Burn” and “Highway Star”, the crowd was treated to just a little more time with the enigmatic frontman.

Glenn Hughes is without a doubt a fantastic performer and someone who clearly loves what he does. In terms of shows you don’t want to miss, this has to be top of the list!

Review: Emmie Ellis
Photo Credit:  Mark Ellis