I don’t mind saying that I’ve only recently started listening to LCD Soundsystem and I also must confess that I owe that privilege to none other than Mr. Clint Boon after catching one of their tracks on his show.

Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot, kicked of proceedings with some absolute stonking tunes that wouldn’t have gone a miss in the Ibizian Superclubs such as Space and CD-10. Marcus truly set the atmosphere and tone for the evening and what a way to do it too! It most certainly set the mood of the crowd

It’s always nice to know bands from over the pond have a connection to your city. The bands frontman James Murphy’s admits he’s always had a connection to Manchester after name-checking Joy Division in the bands 2002 track ‘Losing My Edge’. A track that both poked fun at and paid tribute to music snobbery.

Now with 4 studio albums spanning over 13 years, one of which was their more recent 2017 album ‘American Dream’ It came as no surprise that tonight’s set was a great selection of new, old and fan favourites.

As the band rip through their 4 opening tracks including You Wanted a Hit, Tribulations, I Can Change and Call the Police, it was only then things seemed to have been turned up to 11 as Get Innocuous was played. Making use of every inch of the Apollo’s stage with more instruments than I’ve ever seen for one band.

With the crowd dancing and singing along to every word Murphy takes centre stage for the majority of tracks, yet well as appearing on speakers, getting involved in some percussion playing

Clearly a record collector, Murphy lets fans know that he’s been to Piccadilly Records in the afternoon sating it’s a fucking ‘f**king beautiful thing’.

‘All My Friends’ closed the set leaving fans fulfilled with an LCD fix. Having seen the band for the first time I truly hope it’s not the last and I can’t recommend getting along to one of their shows ASAP before any crazy breakup announcements like fans saw in 2011

Full Set List Included:

You Wanted a Hit
Call the Police
Get Innocuous!
Yr City’s a Sucker
Someone Great
I Want Your Love (Chic cover)
How Do You Sleep?

Oh Baby
Emotional Haircut
Dance Yrself Clean
All My Friends

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5.0 rating