A truly jaw dropping night.

The Second Sons supported as Greta Van Fleet came to Manchester.

Having began to make a name for themselves in America, Greta Van Fleet took their wonderful noise on a European tour, which on Friday 30th March, saw them take to the stage at Manchester Academy 3. It was night of beautiful noise, and unbelievable skill, in which both Greta Van Fleet, and their support, The Second Sons, were able to show off what they were really made of.

Greta Van Fleet is a name not many have heard of on this side of the pond. But they are starting to become more well known in the rock music scene, due to their classic rock appeal. This band is what the Rock scene has been crying out for far too long, and if this gig is anything to go by, Greta Van Fleet are going to deliver. Their individual playing was second to none, and whilst the spotlight was most definitely pointing at guitarist Jake, the rest of the band were phenomenal. Danny’s drumming wasn’t exactly flashy, however, it was accurate, and was the perfect fit for the band, as it gave them freedom to unleash their talent. Sam’s bass playing was sheer class, and was the perfect compliment to the drums, as it kept the groove going whilst Jake ripped up a storm. From lengthy solos, intricate chords, and powerful riffs, Jake’s guitar playing was missing nothing. It was the centre of attention, and for all the right reasons, particularly when he lifted his stunning guitar behind his head, and ripped up one of the best solos I’ve heard in a long, long time. Then there’s Josh.

Josh’s vocals are true to the genre, and just utterly fantastic. People say that he reminds them of a young Robert Plant, but some critics say it’s ‘rehashing old music’, and they couldn’t be further from the point really. These vocals, and this band, have that Led Zeppelin feel to their music, but they put their own twist to it, and create a masterpiece of music, making them unique. It’s not rehashing old music, it’s taking it, twisting it, and putting jaw-dropping music back into the world. What they are doing, and what they have achieved in a relatively short space of time, is admirable, and it shows that Josh, Jake, Sam and Danny have a perfect attitude, and they will really feel the benefits when they make it big.

If you have the opportunity to see this band. Go. They are going to be big, and they are already starting to kick up a storm. Get down to the next gig you can, and see for yourself how fantastic this band are. They’re going places, and I feel privileged to have got to see them early in their career.