With the release of their ‘Hold My Heart’ EP being released in April this year; He Is We hit the UK for the first time to showcase almost ten years’ worth of work with their Let’s Talk About Us tour.

Originally starting off on MySpace, He Is We, more specifically Rachel Taylor, came to show their growth not only within the music, but also in personality. Bringing singer-songwriter Lizzy Farrall along for the ride, He Is We hit Birmingham for an evening of laid back vibes and an intimate show.

The local supports for the evening came from Lauren Marie and Conor O’Rourke, who really set the tone for the night. Both artists provided the audience with a well-rounded performance, and really showed off the talent that each of them had respectively.

Gracing the stage next was Lizzy Farrall, who instantly brightened the room by asking the audience to move forward. Not only did Farrall entice the audience with her angelic voice, but also with her natural stage presence which felt as though she was talking to long-time friends rather than strangers. Farrall is one of those artists that really pushes everything in to her live performance, creating a new layer on to her artistic talent.

Finally, it was time for He Is We. Now, while I was unfamiliar with He Is We prior to the show, I was excited to see what they had in store, especially after hearing from a number of people praising them. Rachel Taylor took no time in warming to the crowd, encouraging people to come forward before starting the set.

The set was filled with a large range of songs from He Is We’s discography, along with Taylor’s powerful voice and personal stories; filling the small venue with raw emotion and a sense of personalisation. Affected by a fan who had passed away almost ten years ago due to suicide, Taylor really pushed the message of not being alone, and how not everyone that fans see on stage “have their sh*t together”. It was inspiring to see an artist actually push through the stigma of mental health in a sensitive and reserved manner, while delving in to a very personal aspect of their life.

He Is We really proved that you did not need a full band or a fast-paced set in order to captivate an audience. The night was relaxed, and it was clear that Taylor was thankful to the fans as she explained that she finishes the sets early in order to meet everyone. Walking in to the venue at the beginning of the night, I had no idea what to expect. But by the end, I walked away with a smile on my face, with the intention of delving in to He Is We’s music in the near future.