Post festive blues and a cold night wasn’t a great start.

I needn’t have worried because The Hunna and supporting artists blew the cobwebs out with their high energy rock.

Support tonight came from two great bands, Night Riots from California, and a local Indie band, Coasts. Both bands were on fire and warmed the crowd ready for the main act, The Hunna.

The Hunna, who incidentally take their name from the hip hop slang word for hundred, took to the stage, with guitarist Dan Dorney leading the guys out enthusiastically. Although their band name might have hip hop connections, any similarities stopped there as they powered their way through playing their power driven music with passion.

Opening song tonight was Summer, a clear crowd favourite from the upcoming album Dare, that had their audience captivated right through to the title track itself Dare. “Did I see on FB someone here tonight got married recently”, asked vocalist Ryan, “then I’d like to dedicate this to you, its called you and me” .

The canon on stage shot a bloom of confetti out into the charged audience, combined with an interesting criss cross lighting arrangement signaled another crowd favourite she’s casual, that the crowd loved, although Ryan had asked them, “to sing the loudest this room has seen” he had no need to, the crowd were singing and dancing. Bonfire ended the first set, with its infectious beat catching many dancing and singing. But it was their singing that that left Ryan telling them ‘four years ago when Dan and I wrote this in a freezing garage we knew we had something’.

The band walked off stage to rapturous applause that saw them come back for more, only this time it was the newer material they played, It was the audience participation that had clearly got to Ryan as he humbly told the crowd “We’re just four lads from Watford that formed a band, and to have people sing along to our songs is awesome”.

A stunning gig and a great way to start the new year, I don’t know about blew up like a Bonfire, but tonight these four lads were on fire.