Lewis Capaldi plays his biggest headline gig at Manchester’s Albert Halls.

Northampton singer-songwriter Billy Lockett opens proceedings tonight and makes music that is deeply poignant, personal and wise beyond its years. Billy’s material is heart wrenchingly honest and raw.

It’s the work of acclaimed Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi, who truly inspires Billy and motivated him to develop his piano style which he flawlessly executes today.

Main support for the evening was the rather talented Nina Nesbitt, no stranger to Manchester, having played many of the venues around the City. Nina payed a stripped back set coming on stage to great applause, Nina delivered a set that was not only impeccable as it was flawless, being as comfortable with the guitar as she was playing the keyboard. That maturity also led to a great interaction with the crowd, many of which will have known Nina before this evening, one thing for sure she was the perfect introduction for tonight’s headline act.

Coming onto stage to the backdrop of ABBA’s ‘Mamma Mia’ playing through Albert Hall, Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi takes to the stage for his largest headlining show to date. As the crowd died down, Capaldi opened with his 2018 single ‘Grace’, “I’m not ready to be just another of your mistakes”. Capaldi’s voice is raw yet beautifully powerful.

Capaldi’s explained to the crowd that his catalogue is small, only seven released songs, and the show consisted of several new releases. For some musicians, this would be a risk of losing their audience. However, what Capaldi has is a way of captivating his audience, he has poetic licence he exploits to its potential. Capaldi has developed a great rapport with his audience. Not just his music, but him. Five minutes in he had the place in uproar with laughter when, turning and pointing to the stage exit, he said: “Two songs ago I was out there having a shit. It just crept up on me.”

Lost on you was in Capaldi’s humble opinion his finest song to date one I think the crowd agreed with as they sang along as passionately as Capaldi. As the set was ending, true to his comedic self, Capaldi made a long riff about the absurd nature of encores, before declaring, “That’s what’s about to happen right now”. The crowd met his statement with cheers. By the time he had exited and returned, everyone in the balcony made it to their feet. A chorus of voices began singing out Capaldi’s breakout hit ‘Bruises’ before the singer himself even joined in.

As it began so it ended with a power led performance and a crowd hanging on every note. Its not difficult to see that as Capaldi begins to rack up the songs and the albums begin to grow, bigger and better times are ahead, you don’t get to open for the likes of Sam Smith on a whim.