Geoff Tate’s Operation Mindcrime’s highly acclaimed Operation: Mindcrime tour has found its way up north to Leeds tonight as he plays the intimate Brudenell Club.

For fans of the album, this is one hell of a treat as Tate celebrates 30 years since its first release.

Tonight is a family affair with Tates own daughter Emily heading up Till Death Do Us Part. The band’s music takes on a much darker tone which is only amplified by Emily’s own stage movements which are stiff and resemble that of a possessed doll. This only adds to the performance that the band provides and makes them highly captivating to watch. Emily’s voice is one that can only be compared to the likes of Evanescence Amy Lee in her capabilities. Behind her, the band add to that dark sound and feel with the guitarist throwing in some vocals to offset Emily’s own. Till Death Do Us Part, hold their own on the stage and certainly put on a show!

Up next was the charming Mark Daley and his band. In quite a contrast to both the opening act and Tate, he brought a softer, bluesier sound to the evening. His gravely tones blended perfectly against the rhythmic bass and acoustic guitar. The Irish band play with a lot of heart and soul and that’s evident in their songwriting as well. But the guys also show they know how to have some good “craic” with both the crowd and between themselves, allowing that relatability to them as people. The band close with style with a meaty rock and roll number that lifts the room up and gets heads nodding and feet tapping. The crowd took to the band despite the difference in style from the headline act and the band has certainly found some new fans tonight.

It was now time for one and only Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime. Playing the album in its entirety was something to behold as the crowd followed the star of the show “Nikki” on his journey through the songs and the album. As “I Remember When” plays over the sound system to a dark stage, a case of goosebumps hits the room and the crowd went wild. Despite the years, this is an album that stands the test of time and the proof is right here in this room. “Anarchy-X” sees the band kick in and the full experience commences.

While there are no big visuals or stage props, none of that is needed as Tate showcases his masterpiece. The crowd sing along with each and every track as the album flows and continues. With Tate and his fellow band members helping to encourage the crowd to sing along and take part as arms went up in unison for the title track. The whole band appeared to be having a great time playing tonight, as they showed their talents and had fun with it.

Tate’s own vocal talents have clearly not dwindled over the years and the power behind his voice is still standing strong. This is especially heard through the hit track “Eyes Of A Stranger” and the classic ballad “I Don’t Believe In Love” which he performs to perfection. With the album completed, the band took the encore to play some Queensryche hits including “Silent Lucidity” and “Jet City Woman”.

Taking the crowd to a new level and bringing the night to a great close. For some of these fans it’s been years since they’ve heard this singer perform these classics but tonight he did not disappoint!

We rate:
5.0 rating