Boston Manor have always been one to wile up a crowd, and their sold-out Birmingham show was no exception.

Just two weeks after their second studio album ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ dropped, Boston Manor turned a quiet, Sunday night in to a busy evening with a stacked line-up and a ton of crowd surfers.

Alt-Rockers Wallflower kicked off the night perfectly, pulling in the eager crowd with their laid-back personas. While they were possibly the tamest of the night, Wallflower successfully had everyone listening to every word, looking like they were gaining a few new fans in the process.

Drug Church took to the stage with a slightly different approach. Unlike Wallflower, Drug Church quickly began to move around, creating a chaotic sort of feel to their set. If the crowd hadn’t woken up before this, they most definitely had now. Drug Church were definitely a highlight of the evening, with their crazy, contagious energy bringing a whole new dynamic to the room.

Microwave were a stellar addition to the already compelling line-up, bringing their indie-rock riffs and charming stage presence to the fans who were already in the crowd. The band hit the stage with purpose, and if I had not had known any better, this could have been their headline show. A tight, well-rounded performance – Microwave are definitely a band to watch out for.

As latecomers attempted to find what space they could in the packed-out room, it was now time for the main event. Boston Manor took no time in finding their feet, heading straight in to their first track (and name track) of the new album ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’. Regardless of how fans felt about the new album, there was no denying that the energy picked up as soon as the band walked on stage. Within moments Boston Manor had the audience wrapped around their fingers, as the crowd pushed and crowd surfed to get closer to the front.

It’s no secret that Boston Manor have been wanting to move away from their pop-punk roots, and their new album has given them the perfect moment to do just that. The new material contains just as much force as the old, meaning that fans would not be disappointed. New songs such as ‘Flowers in Your Dustbin’, ‘Hate You’ and ‘Stick Up’ got almost as strong a reaction as ‘Lead Feet’, ‘Trapped Nerve’ and ‘Laika’ did, yet fans who were there to see old material may have come out with a twinge of disappointment. However, no matter how they felt about the tracks, Boston Manor put 110% in to each song they played, showing an intense about of stamina throughout the set.

The evening began to come to a close, with the band thanking the audience for coming out. Finishing off the fast-pace evening with ‘Halo’, Boston Manor proved that no matter what path they took with their music, their loyal fans would be there with them every step of the way.

We rate:
4.0 rating