A night of astonishing visuals and beautiful music.

Last night, Jeff Lynne and his army of unbelievable musicians took the stage in Manchester to deliver some classic of Lynne’s lengthy career. 

After a lengthy, cold wait outside of Manchester Arena, me and one other photographer were lead through a maze of corridors, and into the impressive Arena, and shown where we would be shooting from.

Jeff Lynne Manchester Review

It wasn’t long then until the lights went down, and Jeff Lynne took centre stage to deliver 2 hours of musical history to 20,000 eager fans.

A mixture of classic hits, and overlooked gems filled out the set, which began with ‘Standing In The Rain’ before going into one of ELO’s biggest songs, ‘Evil Woman’, which was the moment I realised how great it was to be able to shoot the 70-year-old rock god, whose career has taken him into amazing pathways, including producing Beatles songs.

The setlist also included Jeff Lynne’s most recent song, ‘When I Was A Boy’, which although being a new song, sounds like a timeless classic, and is equally as loved by his devoted fans. It wasn’t long after this song that the band broke into ‘Handle With Care’, which paid tribute to the recently departed Tom Petty with amazing visuals which played in the background throughout the song.

The rest of the setlist was filled with the more popular ELO songs, such as ‘Telephone Line’, ‘Mr. Blue Sky’, and ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’. Every song, every chord and every lyric was perfect, and whilst some of the older musicians have lost their touch in their old age, Jeff Lynne is certainly still at the top of his game. His music is timeless, and his skill is second to none.

We rate:
4.5 rating