It was 23 degrees on the streets of Manchester this evening, but inside Gorilla it feels like 123 degrees as the venue is packed to the rafters for American rock band Monster Magnet.

Originally hailing from New Jersey Monster Magnet have been around in various forms since 1989 when they were formed by Dave Waldorf and, since then the band have had varying amounts of success with both singles and albums charting here and in the USA.

Currently with Napalm Records the band are on a twenty four date tour of Europe promoting their latest album Mindfucker.

It after nine thirty by the time Monster Magnet are on stage and the heat is almost unbearable, made worse by the fact that its almost impossible to get to the bar such is the crush. The band launch straight in to the classic Dopes To Infinity which has the crowd going wild but then three songs from the new album cool things off a little although the song Mindfucker is already destined to become another classic and has the crowd chanting along with the chorus.

Monster Magnet are acknowledged as one of the creators of the so called Space/Stoner Rock, which is probably why a trippy film played out a screen behind the drum kit, but to be honest they are a good old heavy rock band a la Deep Purple or Motorhead.

The tempo is raised again with epic Look To Your Orb For The Warning and then it was full speed to the end with Negasonic Teenage Warhead before the climatic,sing along Space lord drove the crowd into a complete frenzy.

An obligatory three song encore sent the crowd home, dripping with sweat, but happy after seeing a first rate rock band near at top of their game. If the Mindfucker album takes off then Monster Magnet are quite capable of recapturing some of their earlier glories.

We rate:
5.0 rating