Proving to their fans that they are a force to be reckoned with, With Confidence hit Birmingham’s very own Mama Roux’s for a fun-filled night straight from the get-go.

Coming back to the UK with a set list full of new songs from their most recent album ‘Love and Loathing’, the Australian pop-punk band really put their all in to this tour, bringing along London band Anavae and Canadian quintet Story Untold.

Early arriving fans were treated to Anavae’s captivating set, showing that they were a valuable addition to the line-up. With various drums set up on the stage, Anavae put on a performance that was not only tight-knit, but also a spectacular display of passion and friendship.

Up next were Story Untold, who fit the bill perfectly. A pop-punk group, that were exactly that – a set containing a lively crowd, catchy riffs and even a pop-punk cover medley, Story Untold had really thought of it all. Watching the band interact with the highly excitable crowd, it was clear that these guys had a real fan base that they so rightly deserved.

With the supports successfully creating an enthusiastic atmosphere, it was time for the main event. With Confidence entered the stage to a roar of screams and cheers, vibrating off the walls of the intimate venue. Encouraged, the band took no time in kicking in to their first song of the night ‘That Something’, the first track and single from the most recent album. This was their chance to shine, playing the new songs to new audiences, and they didn’t waste a single second.

Although this tour was in celebration of the new album, With Confidence still made sure that they catered to all their fans, mingling in some of their old songs between the new. Running straight in to ‘Keeper’, older tracks such as ‘Archers’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘Long Night’ and ‘London Nights’ and even a couple more made their way in to the set. What was most impressive to observe amongst the activity was how the crowd reacted to the songs, with the audience showing consistent support and love through each song. The amount of devotion that the fans had for the band, and vice versa, seemed to really make the band come alive, as they became more animated through each song.

With Confidence put on one hell of a show. The energy throughout the night was contagious, and as the night began to come to a close, the fans wanted more. The band came back on for an encore of ‘Voldemort’ and ‘Icarus’, ending the night on an adrenaline high. The crowd was sweaty, but knew a good time. With Confidence certainly came back with their heads held high, and their fans embraced them with open arms, showing that they were there for the long run.