Sly Antics bring the roof down on the iconic Star and Garter

The band have been around a few years now, but last night was something different 

Sly Antics have done quite well for themselves, their music is loved and their fans are devoted to being at the gigs and singing their hearts out as Sam, Lee and Chris played the songs the fans came for, but last night, Sly Antics became a two-piece band, and announced they had parted ways with bassist Chris.

Normally, the loss of a band member is a big hit to a band, but Sly Antics have taken the departure in their stride and turned their set into something truly spectacular. It really was astonishing to watch as two people made so much more noise than what they had ever made before, despite being a man down.

Whilst the set included songs that the band have released already, they completely changed their sound for every song, and it was like there had never been a bassist in the first place. Then their was their material being debuted for the first time, which went down an absolute treat, such as ‘Fresh Bites’, ‘Roads’ and ‘Reality’.

‘Fresh Bites’ and ‘Roads’ have that distinct, hard hitting beautiful noise that Sly Antics fans have become so attached to, but ‘Reality’ is something a bit different. It’s laid back, and packed with emotion, but when it picks up, you know you’re still at a Sly Antics gig.

This band have always delivered something special with every gig, but now that they are a two piece, it’s even more special. The bass-y tones of Sam’s guitar and his incredible new set-up, complimented by Lee’s mind-blowing drumming create a spectacular sound that needs to be heard.